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  1. Scene 1: Preying As part of her recent nightly routine, Alex Mercer watched from across the street as Henry Shen stepped out from his doorway with his briefcase and firmly locked the door behind him, oblivious to her shadow across the street cast by the streetlights. She saw the gold chain’s glint dangling around his neck as it swung. Embedded around his eyes was his occipital interface – titanium that ran around his orbits like metallic eyeliner. Across the street, the fleeting glow of Alex’s cigarette crumbled to ash when she rose, keeping a watchful distance. Alex followe
  2. Story Statement A woman is searching for information about her past but must conquer a psychological manifestation who is trying to control her first. Antagonist Sketch There are two antagonistic forces at play here. The first being the paramilitary group Cerberus, and the two CIA agents heading the mission – Dean Ambrose and William Ferris. In this world, super mutants exist called GEHMs. Genetically evolved human mutations. For years Cerberus has been capturing and experimenting on mutants so they can learn how to quell their kind. But the most sought after GEHMs are called Pr
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