About Algonkian Author Connect

Purpose and Perspective

AAC has evolved to become a website highly focused on one primary goal: providing aspiring authors with the skill-set, knowledge, and resources they realistically need to conceive, develop, and actually pitch the novel for potential publication. AAC is not only a first and last-stop source for tie-breaking information on novel writing and development regardless of genre, but also a place where writers can immerse in the genre commercial world of publishing, and the world of books in general. Though a member-based forum, most of the vital and informative content (e.g., "Novel Writing on Edge") is guest readable and non-members can even comment on the quality of novel-writing YT vids in the "Writing Advice Videos" forum, as well as read the latest "House of Blogs" publishing, book review, and literary commentary.

With publication as the goal, the "MS Shooting Gallery" forums provide aspiring authors with the opportunity to "test run" their unpublished novels with publishing house editors, agents, and TV content execs. "Art and Life in Novel Writing" consists of worthwhile reviews by writers comparing non-fiction books on novel writing (authors J. Gardner, A. Dillard, D. Maass, and E. George) to craft and technique learned in the Algonkian Novel Writing Program; "Kara's Cabinet of Themes and Curiosities" winnows forth and posts the best new content at AAC; and other forums helpful to writers are extant or in production.

Click here on the AAC mother forum to get advice on how to most effectively approach and utilize the wealth of novel writing guidance available. We will use this page to keep everyone up to date. Contact us if need be or join our community.

And don't forget to burn the novel writing oil with our own Algonkian Coffee, ground from only the finest organic beans. We're serious. So how did this strange fusion of Algonkian and coffee beans come about? A long and beautiful story...
Michael Neff - AAC Producer