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Novel Writing Courses and "Novel Writing on Edge" Work and Study Forums

Welcome to Algonkian Author Connect. Our Novel Writing Program's course methodology, editorial consults, and sell sheet approach, when coupled with the "Novel Writing on Edge" maxims and essays, as well as other AAC content, creates for aspiring fiction authors the perfect online location for the conception, writing, test marketing, and overall production of very good, if not brilliant, genre and literary novels.  Click on "About Author Connect" to learn more about the mission.

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Novel Writing Program You might well ask, for starters, what is the best approach for utilizing the four forums below as efficiently as possible? If you are new to AAC, or a member and not an Algonkian alum, the single best approach is to begin with the forum, "Novel Writing on Edge." Read the introduction and the novel writing topics arrayed in the forum, and once done, proceed to the more inclusive NWOE novel writing and development guide which is broken into three major sections, all of them crucial, and linked to the NWOE main website.

att.jpg However, if you are an alum, the best course of action is to obtain a login to the Algonkian Novel Writing Program (at no cost - request from AAC admin via the contact form), then proceed with the course modules while also absorbing the NWOE guide on a parallel track.

att.jpg It is also advisable to learn from a "negative" by paying close attention to the forum that focuses on bad novel writing advice. The next forum is a great overview by writers that covers four of the best books on novel writing. Don't neglectIt's worth a close look, i.e, if you're truly serious about writing a good novel. 

att.jpg On a parallel track we would be remiss not to remind you to also examine and reflect upon the AAC content in other forum sections (e.g. Kara's Cabinet). All contain valuable and often fascinating insights and advice regarding the world of books, novel pitching, and even reviews of novel writing videos.


  1. Novel Writing on Edge - Necessary Nuance, Strong Bewares, and Actual Results

    Novel Writing on Edge Platitudes, entitled amateurism, popular delusions, and erroneous information are all conspicuously absent from this collection of detailed novel writing guides and maxims. The goal is to provide you, the aspiring novel author, with the skills and knowledge it takes to realistically compete in the commercial book market of the 21st century. Samples as follows:

    Novel Writing on Edge Introduction to "Novel Writing on Edge" - Goals, Methods, Tradition
    Novel Writing on Edge Labors, Sins, and Six Acts - The NWOE Novel Writing Guide
    Novel Writing on Edge Seeking the High Concept - Write a Tale That Might Actually Sell
    Novel Writing Mother Forum Okay, I'm here, so where do I go now?


  2. Bad Novel Writing Advice - "Novel Writing On Edge"

    YT Vids The best "bad novel writing advice" articles culled from Novel Writing on Edge. The point isn't to axe grind, it's to warn writers of all the terrible advice floating around the novel writing universe. From conferences to writer groups, the acid rain never stops falling. By posting these articles, we dearly hope we can save a few misdirected souls. Michael Neff, director of Algonkian Writer Conferences is the primary author, with an assist from Chris Stewart. Beware brutal reviewers!

    att.jpg Top Worst "Worst Writer Advice"
    att.jpg Are Writer Groups a Really Bad Idea?
    att.jpg Whining About Margaret Atwood


  3. Art and Life in Novel Writing

    Novel Writing ProgramWriter takeaways on craft and development learned from the best books on technique utilized in the commercial novel writing program (the forum above) including "The Art of Fiction" by John Gardner, "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass, "Write Away" by Elizabeth George, and "The Writing Life" by Annie Dillard. NOTE: the links below are selections from our AAC highlights forum, Kara's Cabinet of Themes and Curiosities.

    Writing Goals Writing Goals and the Disquiet of Self Doubt
    Knowing Your Genre What Happens When You Don't Understand Genre?
    Publication Are You Ready to Get Published Part I

  4. Novel Writing Program - Modules And Consults

    Novel Writing CoursesNewly updated narrative, developmental, and editorial courses that compose the Algonkian Novel Writing Program. Crucial elements analyzed and applied include high-concept premise, counter-trait characters, Six Act Two-Goal Novel, hooks and core wounds, scene selection, set cinema, and more. All genres.  Program concludes with faculty video-consults to address final edits and query letter.



Stephen King's War on Plot

An Algonkian Success Story

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