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att.jpg What is the Purpose of Algonkian?

To give writers in all genres a realistic chance at becoming published commercial or literary authors by providing them with the professional connections, feedback, advanced craft knowledge and savvy they need to succeed in today's extremely competitive market.

att.jpg What is Your Strategy for Getting Writers Published?

- A model-and-context pedagogy that utilizes models of craft taken from great fiction authors and playwrights, thereby enabling the writer to pick and choose the most appropriate techniques for utilization in the context of their own work-in-progress.

- Emphasis on providing pragmatic, evidence-based novel writing guidance rather than encouraging multiple "writer group" opinions and myths that might well confuse the aspiring author.

- Our insistence that a writer's particular genre market must first be thoroughly understood and taken into consideration when it comes to the planning of the novel, and on every level from narrative hook to final plot point--thus clearly separating us from the MFA approach found at university programs like Iowa and Stanford.

- Our conviction that you were not born to be a good or great author, but that you stand on the shoulders of great authors gone before. Their technique and craft are there for you to learn, and learn you must as an apprentice to your art. Every success you achieve is based on hard work and evolving your skills and knowledge base.

- Our instructional and workshopping methods, as well as our pre-event novel writing guides and assignments which are the best in the business.

att.jpg How are Algonkian Events Unlike Many Other Workshops and Conferences?

- More than sufficient time for productive and personal dialogues with faculty. No "speed" dating-like pitch sessions.

- Critical MS and prose narrative critique provided by faculty only, not attendees (no MFA methodology).

- Comprehensive 86-page novel-and-fiction study guide.

- Extensive pitch prep before events with agents or publishers.

- As noted above, unique and challenging pre-conference assignments that focus on all major novel elements.

- An event focus on market-positioning, high-concept story premise, author platform, and competitive execution.

- Emphasis on pragmatism and truth telling. No false flattering or avoidance of critical advice to spare the writer's feelings. Thin skins need to go somewhere else.

- No tedious lectures, pointless keynotes, or bad advice.

- Faculty chosen for wisdom as well as compassion - no snobs or bad attitudes.

att.jpg How to Know When My Novel is Ready for a Program or Event?

When is it not? The novel-in-progress, even if only a concept, is ready to be examined and properly developed no matter the stage because the process always entails approaching story premise and execution in a manner that is productive. In truth, it's a process that should have begun as soon as the work was conceived. Therefore, the stage of the novel or number of years working on it is irrelevant. Any time is a good time to begin doing it correctly.

att.jpg Do you Have Success Stories?

Comments, Careers, and Contracts

att.jpg Which Events or Programs to Attend First

Novel Writing Program online and/or one of the workshop retreats followed by a New York prep seminar followed by the New York Pitch Conference OR the Novel Editorial Service (MTM) followed by New York prep seminar and New York Pitch, in that order. These are best case scenarios wherein money isn't tight. We will provide an overall discount of 26% on all events in either string if payment is made upfront for the entire grouping. Contact us for more information.

att.jpg What Genres do You Work With?

Upscale and literary, memoir and narrative non-fiction, mystery/thriller and detective/cozy genres, urban fantasy, YA and adult fantasy, middle-grade, historical fiction, general fiction and women's fiction. Our agent and publisher faculty handle all genres.

att.jpg How Does Algonkian Differ From An MFA Approach?

Algonkian emphasizes writing-to-get-published, creation in the context of heart, wit, and market knowledge. We teach writers to think pragmatically about the development of their ms while retaining their core values for the work. Our motto is "From the Heart, but Smart." College MFA programs do not prep a writer for the cold reality of the current publishing climate. Many of our most grateful writers are graduates of MFA programs.

att.jpg How do Writers Interact With Agents and Publishers?

The model for the pitch is a "book jacket" the writer creates with the help of the workshop leader prior to the pitch session. The process is part of a longer evolution the writer begins even before arriving at the conference. Once the pitch is accomplished, the agent interacts with the writer in a Q&A session. The workshop leader then follows up with the writer to create a plan for publication, i.e., a step-by-step post-conference process the writer must undertake in order to stand a realistic chance of having his or her manuscript published.

att.jpg What is the "Pre-event Work" All About?

Writers are given several different types of relevant assignments, story and pitch models, as well as a considerable amount of reading on the subject of advanced craft directly applicable to their work-in-progress. The idea is to prep the writer before the event so they can hit the deck running and share with us a common language. As a bonus, the pre-event work saves us from wasting time with extra handouts. Samples of the pre-event work, readings, and guides can be found here.


Michael Neff
Algonkian Producer
New York Pitch Director
Author, Development Exec, Editor

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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