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Primer Shorts, Labors, and Program

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Pre-event work below  in three parts. Please read carefully and complete all of it. You might get a little woozy or be astonished, but push through. You’re responsible for the seven assignments, the several score readings in the next section beginning with Labors, Sins, and Six Acts, and from there, jump to section III, log into the Algonkian Novel Writing Program, and get started.
Lot’s to do! Is it ever enough? No. But we’re getting close. All of this is crucial and fundamental. Don’t recoil if portions won’t comport with what you’ve been told elsewhere (writer groups, conferences, chat boards, etc.) because the odds are extremely high, in this case, that what you’ve been told is wrong, if not potentially ruinous. Keep in mind that our advice is thoroughly based on applying methods of approach, structure, and craft learned from great fiction writers and authors.
We all stand on the shoulders of those gone before.
Seven Assignments First
we include a seven short assignments forum that will persuade you to consider several crucial and foundational aspects of your commercial novel project. Think of them as a primer. All together, they should not take you more than a few hours at most. Complete them at your convenience and post the responses. Your responses to these assignments will be reviewed by  faculty with an aim towards achieving a better understanding of your project and its current stage of development.
We recommend writing down the answers in a separate file and then copying them into the forum to prevent any possible loss of data. To enter this forum (Algonkian Author Connect), click on the “Sign Up” link, top right and follow the instructions regarding password, email, etc. 
Critical Readings in Market and Development
Next stop is Labors, Sins, and Six ActsThe Novel Writing Guide. The first category concerning novel trip wires (culled from “Novel Writing on Edge”) is a must read. We assure you there is a deluge of vital information here, perhaps any number of things that will make your novel or narrative non-fiction stronger and more competitive. Can it be too good? Don’t think so... And if the next category looks overly daunting, focus initially on the first eight articles from High Concept Premise” to the “Six Act Two-Goal Novel.”
The Algonkian Novel Writing Program
The Algonkian novel writing program is open to all Algonkian and NY Pitch writers (no extra fee) and is one of our best novel manuscript tweakers on all levels. Whatever your skill set or knowledge base happens to be at the moment, keep in mind there is always more to learn. There are no great writers, only great rewriters. We want you to see you fitted for that brass ring, and if we can nudge you across the line by providing the best guides and tools possible, then why not? It’s the least we can do.
Our strong advice is to complete the first two parts above, in order, then approach the first eight modules of the novel writing program. You can begin the program before the event, or afterwards, whatever makes more sense in your situation.
Following your posting of the first seven assignments noted above, you may return to edit later, as needed, using the same login. As with your application, all sign-up information supplied is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances.

AC Admin

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