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Novel Writing Program - Modules And Consults

Novel Writing CoursesUpdated narrative, developmental, and editorial courses that compose the Algonkian Novel Writing Program. Crucial elements analyzed and applied include high-concept premise, counter-trait characters, Six Act Two-Goal Novel, core wounds, set cinema, and more. All genres. Program concludes with faculty video-consults and querying. See topics below for more info.




    Novel Writing ProgramIn the topic forums below and on the previous page you will find a statement of mission, an FAQ, a program syllabus, and more. If you wish to participate in the program, click here. If you are an Algonkian alum and need a login password, contact us. The program is $799.00, but no cost to alums. 

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  2. Commercial Novel Writing Part I - (enter password)

    Novel Writing ProgramEight modules related to story premise, importance of antagonist, character sympathy factors, elements of the novel hook, plot points and arcs, the Six Act Two-Goal novel, inciting incident, major reversals, complications, and more. Begin or rewrite the novel here.

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  3. Commercial Novel Writing Part II - Modules 1 to 8

    Novel Writing Program Eight modules related to voice, style, scene creation, point of view transitions and character camera filters, narrative enhancement technique, assignments that rework each writer's narrative into competitive prose. Review from industry professionals.

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  4. Emerging Author Interview Series

    Novel Writing Program A forum for our emerging authors to talk about their inspirations, their writing lives, and offer insight into the process as it applies to them, as well as discuss the impact of the Novel Writing Program on their work-in-progress.

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  5. Novel Audit Checklist

    Novel Writing Program A place where each writer honestly and cautiously scoreboxes or rates their own novel-in-progress according to an array of criteria. To be approached upon completion or near completion of the 14th module.

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