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    Devouring thriller fiction, especially crime and military
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    I live and write in the high desert of Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountain Range, under the pen name DS Edwards. I am a professional man-tracker, search and rescue volunteer, and a volunteer member of my county sheriff’s department.

    As the former producer of a national television series that ran on The Outdoor Channel and Fox Sports Net, my appetite for creativity is unquenchable. Since the show’s end in 1996, I’ve channeled that creative spirit into freelance writing for some western magazines and the ongoing creation of two novel length works of fiction.

    Every day, I’m grateful for the rich life experiences I’ve had. From my first job as a grocery store box boy, where I discovered my love for people, to wildland firefighter, teacher of special needs, advertising and marketing executive, itinerate speaker, news radio contributor, on screen talent, voice over artist, professional food critic, competitive archer, certified man tracker, student of American history, husband, and father of two young men.

    Again, I love people. I love every little thing that makes us unique, and I embrace that diversity, wholeheartedly.

    Within the fictional world, I strive to bring my life experiences onto the pages. It is my hope that through this effort, you experience some of the passion I carry for America’s wildlands, and that you develop a better understanding of the Search and Rescue community. Currently I am working on a crime thriller with a search and rescue/wilderness theme.
    Feel free to follow me on twitter @DSEdwardsAuthor or on Facebook @DS Edwards Author and Instagram @DS Edwards I always follow back.
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  1. Amazing! I have been a conference groupie since 2019. I have notched the grips on my revolver 3 times with a well known crime/thriller conference, twice with attendance at a murder conference, and once with a combo conference. I can honestly say, with no equivocation, this was the most helpful four days I have ever invested in. I was there to learn, and learn I did. I feel that I am now just inches away from that brass ring. Thank you so much!!
  2. Fanfreakingtastic! Seriously though, from the title, (fantastic) to the setting's descriptiveness, to the inner turmoil of Dioni, the strange like I have for Olympia, even though I don't trust her, to the sudden desperation I feel for Dioni to find her sister. All of it blended well and sucked me in. Thank you for posting.
  3. Wow. . . I felt anger and sadness blended together, forming a cocktail of hopeful revenge and freedom for Kate. Very nice.
  4. Thank you, Michael, for channeling your inner Simon Cowell. If I would've answered these questions six years ago when I listened to mom and grandma tell me I was the best writer in the universe, I would've undoubtedly answered yes to every single one. Now that reality has set in, and the opinions of mom and grandma mean nothing on the road to publishing, I can only hope and pray with every fiber of my being, that each criticism stirs more desire to learn and grow. I wish I would've known about your program when I started this journey. It undoubtedly would've shortened the trip. Looking forward to next week, so much so, that I find myself losing sleep due to the anticipation.
  5. Instantly, I don't trust Nick. You make me feel what your protagonist is feeling and it translates well. Obviously, I am not a woman, but I do enjoy " " women's fiction from time to time. Looking forward to more.
  6. Ray needs a roundhouse kick to the side of his head. Very tense moments in your opening. I can see his false piety and his arrogance. Well
  7. "stale stench of airplane" "Rosie Braun stank of regret." I instantly like Rosie Braun. I also sense that she is going to kick some ass and take some names, possibly starting with her boss that takes advantage of her?.
  8. Literary is difficult. It seems as though you have a solid grasp of similes and metaphors. So far, I would continue reading. Can't wait to hear more about Bobby, and his eventual combat.
  9. Even though this is so far removed from my normal choice of reading material, and it seems that the author and I are polar opposites in our spiritual understanding of the universe, the writing has sucked me in. Well done.
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