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10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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Another week, another batch of books for your TBR pile. Happy reading, folks.



Don Winslow, City in Ruins
(William Morrow)

“With City in Ruins, Winslow wraps up a spectacular crime fiction trilogy: a sweeping story that morphs and expands over time.”
–Washington Post


Harry Dolan, Don’t Turn Around
(Atlantic Monthly)

“Canny spine-tingler Dolan brings his pot to such a rolling boil of violence and shocking revelations halfway through that you may wonder what could possibly follow . . . Go ahead and suspend your disbelief. Every shiver will tell you it’s worth it.”
–Kirkus Reviews


Helen Monks Takhar, Nothing Without Me
(Random House)

“Monks Takhar explores the dark side of celebrity in this diabolically plotted and ferociously feminist psychological thriller. . . . Exquisitely rendered, realistically damaged characters help make the novel’s jaw-dropping twists feel earned. . . . Liane Moriarty fans, take note: This is a must-read.”
–Publishers Weekly


Mary Kubica, She’s Not Sorry
(Park Row)

“The bestselling Kubica’s latest thriller is her best one yet, with multiple twists and unreliable characters that will hold readers until the nail-biting end… Kubica is a mastermind of fast-paced stories and complex characters that readers can immediately invest in and relate to.”
–Library Journal


Philip Miller, The Hollow Tree

“An absorbing mystery, backed up by settings in Argyll and Edinburgh, incisive social commentary, and Shona’s quirky detective work.”


Karen Olson, An Inconvenient Wife

“It is the wives in this story who offer glimpses of interesting backgrounds and ranges of emotions that feel more and more relatable as multiple mysteries begin to unravel.”


Freya Sampson, Nosy Neighbors

“Sampson (The Lost Ticket, 2022) once again presents a charming story about intergenerational friendship leading to healing…This heartwarming tale is full of subtle humor and rich characters.”


John Shen Yen Nee, SJ Rozan, The Murder of Mr Ma

“Co-authors Nee and Rozan offer an appealingly unusual, action-packed Sherlock Holmes pastiche with deep roots in both Chinese crime fiction and the history of early 20th-century England.”
–The Washington Post


Henry Hemming, Four Shots

“A swift-paced exposé of the Northern Irish Troubles and the fraught interactions among British intelligence and the Irish Republican Army.”
–Kirkus Reviews


Earl Swift, Hell Put to Shame
(William Morrow)

“A gripping, memorable work that wholly confronts a hellish past that continues to bleed into the present. …This unflinching narrative will make readers examine not only America’s dark history, but also the disheartening parallels that exist today.”
–Kirkus Reviews

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