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New York Write to Pitch Reviews the Benefits to Participation in 2023

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The New York Write to Pitch reviews, bullet by bullet, what makes the conference especially valuable to writers in terms of development, craft, and market guidance. See the NYWP e-Book below for an example.


kindlenewyork2.jpg "New York Write to Pitch 2023: Development Guideposts and Crucial Craft Prior to Novel Pitching"

att2.jpg  Amazon Page
att2.jpg  Free Kindle Reader

As noted on Amazon, this is a compilation of important articles, notes, and studies drawn from the conference pre-event schedule. The e-book addresses the vital core points that will be discussed in the context of each writer's novel-in-progress. From relatively simple matters of proper title choice to polished interior monologue, it's all here.

Examples of Content as Follows

- Do not join a local or online writer group, however socially alluring it may be, and regardless of what its apostles tell you. Don't fall for it. We know, it feels like the right thing because so many recommend it, but it's the wrong thing by a lightyear... Review carefully our notes on this crucial and controversial subject...
- Aspire to be a great genre author? Why not? But what's your high concept?... If you fail to grasp the vital importance of this second question, you will fail to conceive much less write a publishable genre novel - thriller, mystery, fantasy, horror, crime, SF, you name it. Just not going to happen. 
- The above diverse examples define classic drama that creates conflict with real stakes. Note too that each of these hook lines contains what we refer to as the CORE WOUND. Important! Especially if you intend to become commercially published. If you cannot make the stakes of your novel clear via a properly written hook line, the odds are you don't have any. We must address this now... 
Bullet points in this chapter : Issues of The Hook: Protagonist Intro - Antagonist First? - Inciting Incident - Extreme Importance of Setting - Establishment of Characters - The MacGuffin - In Media Res - Crucial Sympathy Factors - Something Bad Happens - Exposition - Theme? What needs to be done from the start? Why is the hook of Act I critical to this novel and to being taken seriously as a writer?
- What is Act Zero of the novel? Understand the issues below. This does not directly appear in the story except by use of flashback and via other methods to deliver exposition. Forces must already be in motion in order to create conflict for the characters...
From our blog post on the NYWP:
The New York Write to Pitch was officially launched on June 1, 2022. It is a hybrid event combining the core elements of the New York Pitch Conference with new development and editorial content that addresses the many nuances of premise, plot, and prose narrative. As it notes on Publisher's Marketplace, "Development of the novel therefore becomes an issue of paramount concern. Why? Because you can't pitch a marketable novel unless and until you've written one." 

Michael Neff
Algonkian Producer
New York Pitch Director
Author, Development Exec, Editor

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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