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Writer Types Podcast: Talking with David Swinson, Josh Malerman, Stephen Mack Jones, and More

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It’s a full slate of authors from across genres. Crime writer David Swinson and his new coming-of-age tale, City on the Edge. Best selling horror writer Josh Malerman (BIrdbox) with his new novel, Goblin. Joani Elliott and her humorous novel, The Audacity of Sara Grayson. Eli Cranor and his upcoming novel, Don’t Know Tough. And Stephen Mack Jones with his latest August Snow novel, Dead of Winter.

From the episode: 

JOSH MALERMAN: Goblin is the book that back when I had written 9 or so books, and I wasn’t looking for an agent or a publishing house or anything, I was just writing. A friend of mine from high school called and told me that he knew a lawyer that represents authors. And did I want to send him a book or whatever. Foolishly, insanely, I look at my stack of 9 books at the time, and I didn’t know anything about anything I was like, “well that one has six stories, so if he doesn’t like the first story maybe he’ll like the second story. But actually, like, no. Selling a novella collection is a LOT harder than selling a novel. And I had Birdbox in that stack also, and I was like, “yeah, I’m gonna send him Goblin.” And the lawyer loved it and it led to meeting a manager and an agent and it lead getting Birdbox signed and all that. And then Goblin came out in a limited edition in, I think, 2017 where it was 1000 copies of it made and I was thrilled. That seemed like the end of it for me, I was thrilled about it. And then Del Rey asked about doing a wider release and I was like, “Oh my God, yes.”

Music from the episode: 

Blueprint by Jahzzar

Zodiac by Jahzzar

Warm Up Suit by Broke For Free

The Collector by Broke For Free

Quit Bitching by Broke For Free

Doomflaffsonoria by Ars Sonor

Bring Me The Night by Broke For Free

Hindsight by Ian_Sutherland

Like You Mean It by Dan Lebowitz

(All music used by permission under the creative commons license.)

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