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  • Novel Development From Concept to Query - Welcome to Algonkian Author Connect

    Haste is a Writer's Second Worst Enemy, Hubris Being the First

    AND BAD ADVICE IS SECONDS BEHIND THEM BOTH... Welcome to Algonkian Author Connect (AAC). This is a literary and novel development website dedicated to educating aspiring authors in all genres. A majority of the separate forum sites are non-commercial (i.e., no relation to courses or events) and they will provide you with the best and most comprehensive guidance available online. You might well ask, for starters, what is the best approach for utilizing this website as efficiently as possible? If you are new to AAC, best to begin with our "Novel Writing on Edge" forum. Peruse the novel development and editorial topics arrayed before you, and once done, proceed to the more exclusive NWOE guide broken into three major sections.

    In tandem, you will also benefit by perusing the review and development forums found below. Each one contains valuable content to guide you on a path to publication. Let AAC be your primary and tie-breaker source for realistic novel writing advice.

    Your Primary and Tie-Breaking Source

    On Edge For the record, our novel writing direction in all its forms derives not from the slapdash Internet dartboard (where you'll find a very poor ratio of good advice to bad), but solely from the time-tested works of great genre and literary authors as well as the advice of select professionals with proven track records. Click on "About Author Connect" to learn more about the mission, and on the AAC Development and Pitch Sitemap for a more detailed layout.

    Btw, it's also advisable to learn from a "negative" by paying close attention to the forum that focuses on bad novel writing advice. Don't neglectIt's worth a close look, i.e, if you're truly serious about writing a good novel. 

    There are no great writers, only great rewriters.

  1. Novel Writing Courses and "Novel Writing on Edge" Work and Study Forums

    1. Novel Writing on Edge - Nuance, Bewares, Actual Results

      Putrid AdvicePlatitudes, entitled amateurism, popular delusions, and erroneous information are all conspicuously absent from this collection. From concept to query, the goal is to provide you, the aspiring author, with the skills and knowledge it takes to realistically compete in today's market. Just beware because we do have a sense of humor.

      Novel Writing on Edge I've Just Landed So Where Do I go Now?
      Novel Writing on Edge Labors, Sins, and Six Acts - NWOE Novel Writing Guide
      Novel Writing on Edge Crucial Self-editing Techniques - No Hostages

    2. Art and Life in Novel Writing

      Literary AgentMisc pearls of utility plus takeaways on craft learned from books utilized in the AAC novel writing program including "Write Away" by Elizabeth George, "The Art of Fiction" by John Gardner, "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass, and "The Writing Life" by Annie Dillard: 

      Writing Goals The Perfect Query Letter
      Publication The Pub Board - Your Worst Enemy?
      Publication Eight Best Prep Steps Prior to Agent Query

    3. Bad Novel Writing Advice - Will it Never End?

      Putrid Advice The best "bad novel writing advice" articles culled from Novel Writing on Edge. The point isn't to axe grind, rather to warn writers about the many horrid and writer-crippling viruses that float about like asteroids of doom in the novel writing universe. All topics are unlocked and open for comment.

      att.jpg Margaret Atwood Said What?
      att.jpg Don't Outline the Novel?
      att.jpg Critique Criteria for Writer Groups

    4. The Short and Long of It

      The Editor Our veteran of ten thousand submissions, Walter Cummins, pens various essays and observations regarding the art of short fiction writing, as well as long fiction. Writer? Author? Editor? Walt has done it all. And worthy of note, he was the second person to ever place a literary journal on the Internet, and that was back in early 1996. We LOVE this guy!

  2. Quiet Hands, Unicorn Mech, Novel Writing Vid Reviews, and More

    1. Novel Writing Advice Videos - Who Has it Right?

      YT Vids Archived AAC reviews of informative, entertaining, and ridiculous novel writing videos found on Youtube. The mission here is to validate good advice while exposing terrible advice that withers under scrutiny. Members of the Algonkian Critics Film Board (ACFB) include Kara Bosshardt, Richard Hacker, Joseph Hall, Elise Kipness, Michael Neff, and Audrey Woods.

      att.jpg Stephen King's War on Plot
      att.jpg Writing a Hot Sex Scene
      att.jpg The "Secret" to Writing Award Winning Novels?

    2. Unicorn Mech Suit

      Unicorn Mech Suit Olivia's UMS is a place where SF and fantasy writers of all types can acquire inspiration, read fascinating articles and perhaps even absorb an interview with one of the most popular aliens from the Orion east side. Also, check out the UMS SFF short story contest. Now taking entries.

    3. Writing With Quiet Hands

      spacer.pngAll manner of craft, market, and valuable agent tips from someone who has done it all: Paula Munier. We couldn't be happier she's chosen Algonkian Author Connect as a base from where she can share her experience and wisdom. We're also hoping for more doggie pics! 

    4. Crime Reads - Suspense, Thrillers, Crime, Gun!

      Crime Reads CrimeReads is a culture website for people who believe suspense is the essence of storytelling, questions are as important as answers, and nothing beats the thrill of a good book. It's a single, trusted source where readers can find the best from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers. No joke, 

    5. Audrey's Archive - Reviews for Aspiring Authors

      Audrey's CornerAn archive of book reviews taken to the next level for the benefit of aspiring authors. This includes a unique novel-development analysis of contemporary novels by Algonkian Editor Audrey Woods. If you're in the early or middle stages of novel writing, you'll get a lot from this. We cannot thank her enough for this collection of literary dissection.

  3. New York Write to Pitch and Algonkian Writer Conferences 2024

    1. New York Write to Pitch 2023 and 2024

      New York PitchFor New York Write to Pitch or Algonkian attendees or alums posting assignments related to their novel or nonfiction. Assignments include conflict levels, antagonist and protagonist sketches, plot lines, setting, and story premise. Publishers use this forum to obtain information before and after the conference event, therefore, writers should edit as necessary. Included are NY conference reviews, narrative critique sub-forums, and most importantly, the pre-event Novel Development Sitemap.

    2. Algonkian Writer Conferences - Events, FAQ, Contracts

      Algonkian Writer Conferences Algonkian Writer Conferences nurture intimate, carefully managed environments conducive to practicing the skills and learning the knowledge necessary to approach the development and writing of a competitive commercial or literary novel. Learn more below.  

      Algonkian Upcoming Events and Programs
      Algonkian Pre-event - Models, Pub Market, Etc.
      Algonkian Algonkian Conferences - Book Contracts
      Novel Writing on Edge Algonkian Conferences - Ugly Reviews
      Novel Writing on Edge Algonkian's Eight Prior Steps to Query
      spacer.png Why do Passionate Writers Fail?

    3. Algonkian Novel Development and Writing Program

      Novel Development ProgramThis novel development and writing program conducted online here at AAC was brainstormed by the faculty of Algonkian Writer Conferences and later tested by NYC publishing professionals for practical and time-sensitive utilization by genre writers (SF/F, YA, Mystery, Thriller, Historical, etc.) as well as upmarket literary writers. att.jpg More Information

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