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  1. MY Name Means Fire Memoir: Assignment 1: The Act of Story Statement An Iranian girl copes with familial abuse through dissociation and eventually escapes to America. Assignment 2: The Antagonist Plots the Point A paranoid mother believes her daughter is cursed and aims to rid herself of that curse by performing sadistic rituals. Assignment 3: Conjuring Your Breakout Title My Name Means Fire Alternate: The House Of Stone Assignment 4: Deciding Your Genre/Comparables An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison is comparable, in that it is written by a therapist who is not afraid to be honest about her own psychological condition and recovery. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is comparable, in that it gets at what it was like to be a young girl during the Iranian Revolution. Assignment 5: Core Wound & Primary Conflict An Iranian girl deemed “cursed” by her mother is torn between wanting to find love and connection in that relationship and wanting to flee it. Assignment 6: Secondary Conflicts Secondary conflict 1: cultural obligation to protect her family’s reputation Secondary conflict 2: mental illness, pedophilia and homophobia that were rampant at that time. Assignment 7: Setting The setting of MNMF is Tehran, Iran, both before and after the Revolution. The story starts with the modern, cosmopolitan energy of Tehran in the 1970s — fancy nightclubs, colorful picnics, and bell-bottomed jeans — and then transitions into the period of the Revolution, when people were hanged in the streets and women, gradually, started to dress in black and leave the workforce. The two sub-settings of MNMF are (1) upper-class North Tehran, where my father lived, and where people resisted the Islamification of Iran by continuing to hold secret parties and feminist meetings in private apartments, and (2) the village of Ramsar, on the Caspian Sea, where my mother was forced to relocate and where the teachers taught me about Hellfire and the kids threw rocks at “Tehranis” like me.
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