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  1. Samantha Mineroff | Dreamscape | Slipstream/Fantasy Comps: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, Cake meets It's a Wonderful Life Hook Line: Suppose there was a society where Dream Makers, incorporeal beings responsible for giving human dreams, who must follow one main rule—never meet your dreamer. But depressed, 23-year-old Sasha Hayes, who’s recently been having nightmares, can’t accept the good dreams they create. A noxious fog interrupts them, making it nearly impossible to understand her and what kind of dreams she needs. A Dream Maker risks h
  2. Assignment 1: One main rule governs the Dream Makers society—never meet your dreamer. During the modern day’s emotionally-suppressed culture, DREAMSCAPE tells the story of a Dream Maker’s attempt to create good dreams for 23-year-old Sasha Hayes. Despite her superficially perfect life, the reader witnesses Sasha’s uncontrollable anxiety build through the dark paths of her waking and sleeping mind. Sasha’s Dream Maker, 305—who she nicknames “Catcher”—is intrigued by her intense feelings, something he doesn’t experience as a non-human creature. As each chapter alternates between the Catcher’s
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