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    I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember, and have always wanted to be a novelist. In my opinion, there is no greater calling.

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  1. Comparables: World Gone By meets Who They Was in this 90,000 plot-driven and character-rich debut novel set in modern day New York. Hook: A gun-runner for an urban gang sets out to uncover the mystery of his best friend’s death and triggers a chain of events that jeopardizes everyone in his orbit, including him. Short Pitch: Marlon Brown is a gun-runner for the Bloods, whose best friend has been gunned down outside of the gang's established territory. Though the whisper stream comes alive with speculation about who did the deed and why, conjecture isn't enough for Marlon. He ha
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  3. Living in Saint’s Hood 1. Story statement a. The mission of the novel’s protagonist is to discover, regardless of consequences, the identity of the person who has murdered his best friend. 2. Antagonist sketch a. The inner city is controlled by urban gangs, each with its own clearly delineated boundaries. While attempting to discover who killed his friend, the protagonist violates the one central tenet of the inner city – crossing established boundaries. Considered an implicit act of war, it’s compounded by the protagonist’s unintentional killing of
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