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  1. King is the exception to the rules. There will only be one King. Just like there will only be one of any great artist/athlete/performer who influences generations. All the rest of us passionate hopefuls need to do the work, learn from the pros, put in the time and develop ourselves to be exceptional writers in our genres so we can tell some damn good stories that people will enjoy and remember. I'll be honest, I think King is a horrible teacher. His way of writing is just that...his way. Imagine a martial arts instructor or professional athlete of any kind teaching a student to just "go w
  2. STRANGE HIGHWAYS, Science Fiction- Gardner Browning Word Count: +50k, still in progress Log Line: Trekking a ghostly highway across a Void Land of hostile vagrants, mercenary Luna Briggs must save the man she loves from the death dealer he has become before he claims the power of a forgotten artificial intelligence and engineers an army of killers. Comps: Strange Highways captures the hostile journey of the Road with the techno-thrill of Robopocalypse. The Road – 2006- Cormac McCarthy. About the grueling journey of a father and his young son over a period of sev
  3. Write Away by: Elizabeth George I found the section of Character Analysis to be thought-provoking. I liked the concept of a Prompt Sheet and I plan to use this tool whenever I’m out traveling, stuck in a work meeting or maybe trapped at a family function I can’t escape. With this, I can quickly sketch out character frames that I can later return to, like a bank of possible characters to use in later stories. This tool is also very helpful to reference when getting in touch with a character’s voice. George’s chapter on voice was helpful because it reinforced the importance of setting a
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