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  1. 1. Write a Story Statement: San Francisco Homicide Detective Reed Prettyman must find and stop a serial killer who hunts his victims within the identity bending world of online social media. 2. Write an Antagonist Sketch: Keep in mind their goals, their background, and the ways they react to the world about them. The prime antagonist in the story is the cruel, vengeful, and homicidal psychopath known only by his online name TNDR (Tender). He operates an infamous internet revenge porn website while hidden behind encryption software, where he propagates and empowers the poisonous culture of trolls, hackers, and creeps who use it for their own selfish pleasure by posting private, embarrassing, and humiliating videos of their victims. His moral depravity, founded in a childhood full of abuse, is bottomless and he seeks revenge by inflicting his own trauma on others. He is consumed by his self-imposed isolation, a victim of his own mind and sense of persecution. He kills as an act of power over others, to satisfy his paranoia-soaked narcissism, protect his precious anonymity, and exert ultimate control over his victims. His need is insatiable. Each victim quickly becomes an empty victory that feeds his hunger for more. TNDR’s acolyte in the story is a man called EYESHINE. Eyeshine is a small-time convicted hacker, voyeur, and stalker who makes and posts his own explicit videos on TNDR’s site. He knows what’s what and how things work on the dark web. Reed must team with Eyeshine as her guide as she searches the web underbelly, even when he betrayals her and threatens to expose her secret. 3. Create a Breakout Title: Tender Alter Let’s Play Pretend 4. Develop two Comparables: The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. A female FBI agent must play both hunter and prey to catch a serial killer while both roles chip away at her carefully constructed psychological state of being. Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. The true story that reads like fiction, features a killer who relishes the publicity his killings garnish when he starts toying with and taunting the police. 5. Write a hook, (logline): San Francisco Homicide Detective Reed Prettyman must overcome personal and professional crisis after her private sex tape goes viral on a revenge porn website to hunt down the site’s mysterious operator when he becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders. 6. Sketch the conditions for the inner conflict the protagonist will have and second, sketch a hypothetical scenario for the “secondary conflict” involving the social environment. The prime inner conflict in the story is Reed’s hunt for a serial killer. She’s driven to do it to fulfill her base need as a police officer, to be a protector of innocent victims and deliverer of justice. In fact, her very existence depends on doing it. In the social media world where people can create any online alter persona they want, Reed’s secret is that she is not who she seems to be either. When Reed was a young girl, she was called Zoey and she suffered abuse. The way Zoey survived was to conjure up her own kind of alter ego personality, someone to confide in and commiserate with, someone to protect her and deliver the justice she’d never be able to get for herself. Zoey called that person Reed, and at some point Reed took over. It’s called a Dissociative Identity, a dual personality. The two of them are aware of each other, living in balance, but Reed’s existence relies on her performing her single duty. If she fails Zoey, and all victims, or she gets found out, it will destroy her career, and her. The secondary social environmental conflict Reed faces is that unlike other dual personality stories when having one or more alter identities is a threat to the character that ultimately unravels and destroys them, Reed’s existence is good. She embodies the helpful and healthful practice of role playing and self-identity creation often critical as a social coping mechanism and even for survival. Reed is our hero, and Zoey’s. She believes she’s real, she has to. She possesses the same human characteristics as anyone else, self-doubt, the need for validation, a desire for meaning…and flaws…while an unknowing world of unfair challenges and betrayals continues to try to expose and destroy her. 7. Sketch out the setting in detail: “the environment” The original promise of the internet and social media sites to connect us, empower us, and better our lives also has a dark side. The perpetrators who used to lurk in parks, malls, and among the people we know are closer now, online, watching for the careless, the curious, and unsuspecting. Anonymous usernames, passwords, and malware scans give an illusion of privacy, security, and control that don’t really exist. Instead, it often empowers anonymous mob cruelty, has crushed the degrees of separation that protected people, creates opportunity and means at the click of a mouse, and has forever twisted that old adage about the inescapable facts of life, like death and taxes. Now, if you post photos of yourself on vacation your house gets robbed. Reply to the wrong email and your personal data gushes into cyberspace. That secret dating site you joined to cheat on your spouse will get hacked, and, if you make a video of yourself having sex, someday, somehow, it’s going to end up on the internet. No one is immune. San Francisco Homicide Detective Reed Prettyman knows that from personal experience. Hers went viral.
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