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Algonkian Writer Conferences Algonkian events nurture intimate, carefully managed environments conducive to practicing the skills and learning the knowledge necessary to approach the development and writing of a competitive commercial or literary novel. We believe you were not born to be a good or great author, but that you stand on the shoulders of great authors gone before and only by hard work will you succeed. Below are links to subject topics concerning Algonkian. Feel free to contact us with any questions or observations.

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WTF is Wrong With Stephen King?

An Algonkian Success Story

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      LGBTQ+ Psychological Fiction, Teresa A. Henderson, UNCHAINED

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      Memoir | Adam Fout | Drug Seeking Behavior | First 500 words

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      New York Pre-Event Assignments - June 2021

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      Remembering Janet Malcolm

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      Limited Time Deals!

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      Tough Travelling: Fairies

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      Memoir | Adam Fout | Drug Seeking Behavior | First 500 words

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      The BLFUfer’s Guide To… THE WOOD BEE QUEEN by Edward Cox (BOOK REVIEW)

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      The Value of Friendship in Storytelling

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      10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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      The Early, Wild, Exploited, and Sometimes Radical Days of the Comic Book Industry in America

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      A Murder in Tiger Bay: How Nadifa Mohamed’s New Novel Revives a Decades-Old Tragedy

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      Queer Crime Fiction: A Roundtable Discussion

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      Your Next Level Life Reader Review Event And Giveaway

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      Eclipse by Celia Lake

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