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Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in America. But what is the oldest city in America like? Imagine the French Quarter in New Orleans meets Santa Cruz, California, and as a bonus, a miles-long strip of white Cocoa Beach thrown in for good measure. The best of classic Florida and old-world Spain fuse to form a ideal location for a stimulating and productive writer event.

The Author-Mentor Novel Workshop in St. Augustine creates an intimate and professional environment that combines private meetings with small-group workshops, thus enabling aspiring authors to wisely approach the writing and publication of their novel. At the event, aspiring authors will: 1) work one-on-one with authors and savvy market professionals; 2) acquire the market skills and advanced story and narrative technique they must know to become published; 3) learn the necessary inside mechanics of the publishing business; and 4) leave the workshop with a detailed plan to work towards publication of their novel... [more]

How Does the Author-Mentor Differ from Other Writer Events?

In five major ways. First of all, upon registration, writers receive specific assignments that focus on any one of several areas vital to plot and character development, an online forum course, and the Algonkian 86-page study guide (includes dramatic complication guides, scene sketching, theme notes, structure checklists, narrative analysis, sample synopsis, and more), as well as a pre-event consultation with faculty held using Zoom video conferencing (or by phone as needed) one week prior to the start of the event.

Second, at the conclusion of the event, Algonkian provides a rigorous follow-up novel development program online that includes additional faculty consult.

Third, the Author-Mentor creates a way for the aspiring author to get close and relaxed with published authors and business professionals in a manner that larger events disallow. Sufficient private face time with the right people is priceless. The professionals are relaxed, congenial, willing to help, and most importantly, not bombarded by hundreds of conference attendees.

Fourth, the application of a model-and-context, genre inclusive pedagogy that utilizes models of craft taken from successful genre and literary authors, thereby enabling the writer to pick and choose the most appropriate techniques for utilization in the context of their work-in-progress.

Fifth, amateur opinions do not arise to compromise the quality of the workshop. Analysis, critique, and discussion of a writer's work is provided by the editorial and author professionals in attendance.

Come Prepared to Write and Learn From The Best

Because this workshop accepts far fewer writers than most conferences, those writers who are accepted are given more time to establish relationships with professionals who are present; and unlike several major celeb conferences, St. Augustine Author-Mentor doesn't simply import name authors or agents to give inspirational messages and smile over cocktails.

Our prize-winning faculty are there to meet with writers in a setting conducive to productive discussion of writing and publishing. Writers with manuscripts will have an opportunity to pitch their work, and writers with works-in-progress will be able to network and learn about the publishing biz. To read more about the Algonkian approach in general, see the Frequently Asked Questions web page located on the main Algonkian website.

The St. Augustine Author-Mentor employs the Algonkian workshop syllabus, the Algonkian Study Guide, as well as an array of craft essays and articles written by Algonkian faculty. Once you've overviewed them, it will be obvious that literary craft at the St. Augustine event is utilized more exhaustively than at other commercial or academic workshops. [more]

The Bayfront Marin House Bed-and-Breakfast

The Bayfront Marin House Bed-and-Breakfast (reviews) is one of the finest St. Augustine inns, combining an ideal location with the sort of personalized attention you'd expect from the area's top bed and breakfast inn. Its location is only steps away from St. Augustine's numerous shops, restaurants, and activities. The inn provides a deluxe continental breakfast daily, so you can sit back and enjoy the morning. Later in the day, you can enjoy mingling with other writers and faculty around complimentary wine and cheese or evening port and sherry.

The Bayfront Inn Marin House is a unique environment that offers all of the amenities associated with larger resort hotels, while maintaining the intimacy of a small inn. The quality of construction, the ambiance of the interior design and the attentive, personable staff ensure that no detail is overlooked. We could not have chosen a more suitable location for this type of intimate workshop and retreat.

Sample of Bayfront Marin House Rooms (reviews)

Algonkian Writer Conferences
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The St. Augustine Author-Mentor Novel Workshop provides an ideal mix of experienced professionals dedicated to working one-on-one with aspiring authors to not only teach them the knowledge and skills they must have to be successful, but also provide them with valuable commentary on their completed novel or work-in-progress.

The 2021 St. Augustine A-M takes place on October 22 - 25 (Friday to Monday) with arrival and a meet-up session on the evening of October 21. Faculty include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler, distinguished agent and former acquistion editor Amy Stapp, legendary TV/Film and book agent Adam Chromy, literary agent and best selling author Paula Munier, and Algonkian author-agent-editor, Michael Neff. Much more on them below.

COVID Circumstance and Remedy

Robert Olen Butler Robert Olen Butler
Author and Distinguished Professor

Robert Olen Butler has published fifteen novels, including "They Whisper," "Fair Warning," "A Small Hotel," and three works of literary entertainment in the Christopher Marlowe Cobb historical thriller series. He also has published six volumes of short fiction, including "A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain," which won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Among his other awards are a Guggenheim Fellowship in fiction, the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the 2013 F. Scott Fitzgerald Award for Outstanding Achievement in American Literature. His works have been translated into twenty languages. He holds a distinguished Frances Eppes Professorship at Florida State University.

Amy Stapp Amy Stapp
Agent and Former House Editor

Amy received her MA and began her publishing career at Macmillan
where she was an editor for seven years and had the privilege of working with many New York Times bestselling authors. She joined Wolfson Literary Agency in 2018, now building her list in women's fiction, mystery, suspense, upmarket book club fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and select nonfiction. She is particularly drawn to the high-concept hook, well-paced prose, immersive settings, and smart, multidimensional characters. As an agent with an editorial background, she enjoys working hand-in-hand with authors to take their work to the next level.

Adam Chromy Adam Chromy
President of Moveable Type Management

Adam Chromy is a literary agent and president of Movable Type Management. He has sold hundreds of books, dozens of bestsellers, and has managed the careers of many notable authors, including most recently: best-selling novelist Jamie Brenner ("The Forever Summer" at Little, Brown), award winning author Clyde Ford ("Think Black" at Amistad), screenwriter and author Janna King ("The Seasonaires" at Pegasus Books and optioned by Blumhouse TV), and bestselling author Annelise Ryan ("The Mattie Winston" series at Kensington and in development at Hallmark), and many others. More information available at MOVEABLE TYPE MANAGEMENT.

Paula Munier Paula Munier
Agent and Author

Senior Literary Agent & Content Strategist at Talcott Notch Literary, Paula Munier, has created and marketed exceptional content in all formats across all markets for such media giants as WGBH, Fidelity, and Disney. A writer and editor before becoming an agent, she's sold over 70 projects to the Big Five as well as many other publishers, most recent including the New York Times bestseller "Orphan #8" by Kim Van Alkemade, "Murder in G Major" by Alexia Gordon, "A Good Man With a Dog" by Roger Guay and Kate Flora, "Swiss Vendetta" by Tracee De Hahn, and "Christmas Chocolat" by Kate Defrise. Paula is always looking for good crime fiction, women's fiction, mainstream fiction, high-concept YA and SF/Fantasy fiction, as well as nonfiction. She is the author of several books, including "Writing With Quiet Hands," "Plot Perfect," and "Fixing Freddie: A True Story About a Boy, A Mom, And a Very, Very Bad Eagle."

Michael Neff Michael Neff
Author, Teacher, Algonkian Director/Creator

Due to his "Algonkian method" novel writing events and editorial expertise, Michael Neff, Algonkian founder and director, has ushered dozens of authors in various genres into agent and publication contracts, including such novels as "On Maggie's Watch" by Ann Garvin, "Lipstick In Afghanistan" by Roberta Gately, "Croak" by Gina Damico, "The Edge of Normal" by Carla Norton, "Murder at Barclay Meadow" by Wendy Eckel, and "The Wisdom Of Hair" by Kim Boykin. Michael is also a content producer and agent associate for AEI Film Productions in Los Angeles, now working with the famous Hollywood producer and agent, Ken Atchity, on SISTER ISLANDS and BIG APPLE SHIH-TZU. He is actively searching for high concept projects that can be transformed into films or books. He has also collaborated with Macmillan Entertainment to develop new high-concept projects for film and print, having served as a developmental editor for MAGICIAN'S IMPOSSIBLE--sold to Fox Studios for television production. Michael's literary historical novel, ALL THE DARK WE WILL NOT SEE is published by Serving House Books, and his work has appeared in such prestigious publications as North American Review, Quarterly West, The Literary Review, and Conjunctions, among many others. His last novel, PIPER ROBBIN AND THE AMERICAN OZ MAKER, was selected by Kirkus Books to be a Top 150 book in their 2019 Fall Season Preview issue. The prequel, WORLD MAKER - ASCENSION OF ROMANOVA, won four SFF national book awards.

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