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Cover Snark: Leaving Room for Jesus

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Hey all! It’s time for Cover Snark!

Drunk on Love by S.L. Scott. A martini glass is position right in front of a man's crotch. Inside appears to be some sort of radioactive yellow and hot pink liquid splashing up.

From Carole

Sneezy: Are we looking at pee or jizz cocktail?

Tara: If we are, it’s quite psychedelic.

Sarah: The splash is distressing.

Elyse: If any of your bodily fluids come out Lisa Frank colors you need to consult a doctor.

Kiki: My partner and his friends just discovered that sometimes romance novels have absolutely bananas covers and he is now in joyous tears beside me as he looks through all the cover snark posts on the site.

Jo'aquin by Charmaine Ross. A bright gold shirtless man. By his crotch is a number two with a lens flare. Did J.J. Abrams make this cover?

From Elizabeth: Overall it’s just general nonsense, but he does seem to have a glowing belly button. And maybe fire skin?

Sarah: If my belly button could be a flashlight that would be VERY handy.

EllenM: Those muscles look like they are 1 second away from popping

Sneezy: Oh ew, no exploding muscles please

Sarah: PEW PEW

Elyse: Press 2 for penis

Sarah: Maybe this is a clue that this person is a hemipene?

or has a hemipene?

Fate Promised by Jocelyn Montana. A purpose were wolf man and a woman with a brunette braid in a forest. He is holding her waist and she is touching his face.

From Shoshana

Sarah: Awww, they’re at a 7th grade dance and they’ve left room for Jesus!

Carrie: Are all Werewolves purple or does it vary from wolf to wolf? Did he dye his hair or is it natural? Is there werewolf hair racism between the purples and the greens? Does the color activate when lightning goes up your nose, as seems to be happening here? Why are their asses glowing?

Elyse: Is it just me or is that Fiona from Shrek?

Sarah: Or one of the Olsen twins?

EllenM: You can’t tell me that wolf isn’t a highly photoshopped plastic action figure.

Sneezy: Wait, his ass is SEE THROUGH. Is that a normal werewolf thing?

Decker's Dilemma by Chantal Fernando. A woman sits behind a shirtless man. She is in a bra and jeans. Her leg appears to be slung over the man's shoulder, but from where she's sitting...there's no way that's her leg from that angle.

From Kimberly: Where is that extra leg coming from? There’s no way it is attached to either torso.

Sarah: I’m VERY confused.

Carrie: I know there’s a lot going on here, but I’m a simple girl and I’m fixated on the most simple thing – what the fuck is the end of word “mo”?

Sarah: It’s MC. Motorcycle Club

Does look like an O though, no question

Carrie: Well yes because there’s a rogue leg over it!

Sarah: I hate it when a rogue leg interferes with my graphic design, too!

Tara: It’s okay, Carrie. He looks equally confused.

Sneezy: Doesn’t it also look like his torso from the pecs down is truncated and shrunk?



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