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HaBO: Hero Pretends to Be the Boyfriend of the Heroine’s Sister

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This HaBO request is from Tara, who hopes to find this contemporary romance:

I read this book in the early nineties. (I know!) It’s one of those books that’s always stuck with me, and I’d love to reread it again. What I remember:

– It was a contemporary romance.

– The heroine lives in an old house that she loves, but the house costs a lot of money to maintain. Her father and two siblings also own a portion of the house, and they want to sell, but she does not.

– The hero is a developer of some kind, I think? He makes an offer for the house, but for various plot reasons, he shows up at the house, pretending to be the heroine’s sister’s boyfriend.

– Hero and heroine make out and then the heroine feels guilty about making out with her sister’s boyfriend?

– In the end, the house is sold, and the heroine becomes a carpenter, I think.

Anyway, this is probably a long shot, but I’d love to find this book and read it again. The heroine had the coolest hobbies (she did pottery! they drank coffee out of mugs she’d made!) and it’s really stuck with me all these years.

Can we HaBO?

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