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DOMINATURE: What If The Devil...Banished God...From Heaven...(FIRST PAGES assignment)

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OPENING SCENE (CHAPTER 1): Intros protagonist and antagonist in a re-imagining of a familiar realm populated with new characters setting up potential conflict...

Akin to night overtaking the setting sun, a steady tint of brightness accents the dark void of infinite space. The vast mirage of a seemingly transparent floor canvas yields a landscape encompassing structures built from materials so refined, the human mind would not be able to articulate if asked. Standing with an upward gaze at a conversation taking place on a high-rise tower is a human-like being, fair mannered in expression, though imposing in stature. Unable to hear the dialogue of said conversation, the being appears to be hanging on every word as another, slightly more masculine, approaches.
“They’ve been meeting. All have noticed. Is there belief you’ll decipher what equation their powerful minds circumvent at this time, Gerwen?”
Gerwen, not diverting the gaze, says in a deep tonal voice, “Which is why you come forth now? Taun’s inquisitive spirit wonders as well.”
“I have no yearning for what our creators Adonai and Helel discuss until ready to divulge,” claims Taun. “They have our trust. Inform us prior to their public decree, this you know.”
Gerwen breaks the concentration and walks down a staircase towards a valley sporadically populated by similar-looking beings. They are met by Zamus and Quen, also blessed with physical prowess and height, both of which equally curious to the dealings of their creators.
“If true, new life has sprung over our domain,” says an eloquent Quen. “Though the catalyst remains mysterious.”
“Mysterious?” says the blunt Zamus. “The answer lies with the two of Gerwen’s persistent focus.”
“No matter,” says Taun. “Whether spawned from Adonai and Helel or an unknown, all we can do is observe from this realm. Let us rejoice if their life comes with attractive engagement.”
“Perhaps, extending our influential engagement is the discussion they have,” adds Gerwen.
“Engagement?” says Zamus. “Sharing our presence as the four of us stand now?”
“Bliss coddles our ever-existence,” says Taun. “To give this willing to sub-beings? Worthy has no species proved.”
“Our ever-existence you speak of, Taun, consumes knowledge for this plane created by the pinnacle of a hierarchy,” says Gerwen. “With purpose, we nurture. With purpose, we advance. Without purpose, static power, we become. Is this not where our realm of Alegion stands now?” 
Pondering Gerwen’s audacious proclamation about the heavenly state of Alegion, the trio watch Gerwen separate from the discussion. Eventually the remaining disperse amongst the plane of frosted glass, as the constant fiery glow of the universe’s brightest star surrounds their realm.

THE ELEMENTS OF WEATHER CEASE TO EXIST AS EVIDENT BY THE DIRTY BLOND locks only moving as Adonai’s body turns to continue with Helel after a brief pause in conversation. Mirror images of each other - the only noticeable differences are the length of their hair, with Helel’s resting longer on the collarbone, and Adonai’s piercing wide eyes. The creators lean against a wall of their private chamber atop an uncovered monumental pillar. In the cosmos, registering clear through their optic lens of vision despite the distance, is a blue orb with assortments of landmasses. It is a topic of significance as Helel and Adonai brainstorm the value of its current state.
“Infinitely, our advancement has been lacking,” says Adonai. “Now right before us, giveth an opportunity worth exploring. To intervene with supplemental power has become the quandary.”
“Tampering without knowledge presented to the entirety of Alegion was a calculated guilt,” says Helel. “Though it appears to giveth an opportunity sought out. Concern of our duplicitous actions could weigh mightily on those closest.”
“In turn, have you not sensed complacency? Worried that efforts have become mundane, fruitless?”
“And if our Morning Stars feel cast aside? What lies on that plane is not to the level of our being.”
Despite Helel’s subtle counter, Adonai says with subdued excitement, “This is a joyous marker for Alegion. Expansiveness is the potential to further unlock our internal powers and motivations.”
“Adonai, our impulse is to create. Growth on that plane has been undeniable compared to other trials. Though taking a speculative approach on internal reactions is linked with risk. Even what sparked our life-force remains veiled. Who is to say our powers are contingent?”
“Do they not give birth to all surrounding us? Our calling to create initiated a universal domain. So much time in solitude comprehending who we are, did it not lead to achievements of purified glories? This is the reason we began again and amplified the realm of Alegion?”
Helel steps over to a lookout point away from the planet in question, fixating on the polished landscapes of plateaus enacting as miniature domiciles interwoven with physical structures of geometrical shapes defying the laws of physics. Symbols are carved into mountains as the eternal luminous night decorated with enlarged stars can mesmerize any being privileged to behold such peace and beauty.
“Sound are the initiatives you speak, Adonai. Unprecedented they are. A portal built to influence does come with unknowns. I stand by thee, though understanding will need conveying to the Morning Stars of Alegion.”
Adonai walks over to Helel saying, “Together, my brother, we will ignite a cycle enchanting the mind of all beings. If they wisely choose to stay with this literal journey.”

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