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They Joys and Struggles of Writing a Series

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The act of writing a series is a big undertaking. It has the potential to be an extremely powerful marketing approach for indie authors if it is carried out correctly. So, grab that wonderful narrative idea that you plan to continue writing about for years to come, and let's dive right into the fundamentals of creating a serial.

The first thing you need to do is work out what kind of series will work best for the tale you want to tell. It should fit into one of these groups:

Serial: When you think of a series, the first thing that generally comes to mind is serialized fiction which is a group of novels that are written in such a way that they progress chronologically from one to the next. The books in this series need to be read in this order for them to make any sense at all. Each book must have a central plot that carries through each novel. The arc of the main character must align with the plot throughout each novel.

Episodic: Each tale in an episodic series, which is also frequently referred to as a procedural series, is self-contained, and the series features an interesting protagonist to whom viewers can't help but become invested. Readers may enjoy each book on its own as a standalone, but the primary connection between the volumes is not one continuous storyline but the same main character throughout. Imagine a series of murder mysteries: in each one, there is a peculiar but great detective who serves as the series' central figure and functions as an anchor for the whole thing.

Interlinked: The magic of an interlinked series is that each book takes place in the same universe, which serves as the series' central organizing principle. There may be a different protagonist in each novel, some of whom are connected to the other protagonists in other books. Readers can enjoy interconnected books in any sequence they choose, much like episode-based television programs. There may be some benefits to reading it in the order in which it was published, but such benefits will mostly take the form of clues or foreshadowing but they won't have a significant impact on the series as a whole.

D.A. Mucci writes about the Joys and Struggles of creating a series. https://algonkianconferences.com/authorconnect/index.php?/topic/27487-the-joys-and-struggles-of-writing-a-series-–-guest-post-by-d-a-mucci-ignatius-and-the-battle-at-dinas-affaraon/#comment-34439


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