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Cover Awe: Leni Kauffman Strikes Again!

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Sometimes, instead of snarking at covers, we like to compliment them!

The Accidental Pinup by Danielle Jackson. An illustrated cover of a curvy black woman sitting on a chair. Her curls are in a bun and held back by a red and white polka dotted headband. She has on tight, light jeans, a pink bustier, pink ballet flats, and a muted blue cardigan. She is holding a camera in one hand and a skyline is in the background.

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

From lg: I love this cover. I don’t know what it is exactly but every time I look at it I notice something else and I have to smile. I love the colors overall, the depth with the city in the background and the movement of the curtain, the pointed toe shoes matching her bustier, the headband I want and her barely noticeable gold earrings.

Amanda: For me, I think it’s the slight playful smirk on her face. Also, those jeans look comfy and sexy and I would like to find me some.

I'll Come Back for You by Charish Reid. A photographic cover of a black woman in a spooky looking parlor with candles and a piano. She is dress in all black with dark purple lips and a silver cross around her neck. Her hands are reaching for her own throat. The author's name is in red script with a neon sign effect and the title looks like ouija board font.

Cover art by Charish Reid (wait, did the author do this all herself?!)

Shana: Oh interesting, that’s totally different than her last couple of covers!

Sarah: I think the use of font and type style is so smart. It does a lot of work very quickly.

Amanda: Yes, the font choices are such a nice touch!

Rose and Wicked by Rebel Carter. A photographic cover. A Black woman with perfectly arched eyebrows is in a deep purple dress and waistcoat. The coat is embroidered with gold brocade. A foggy background of mountains and forest is behind her. The title and name are in a textured gold font.

Cover design by Qamber Designs

Amanda: We’ve featured other books in the series but THEY’RE JUST SO GORGEOUS

Kiki: Yes! Consistently some of my favorite historical covers. More folks need to find out whoever does these covers and book them ASAP.

Sneezy: That’s SO pretty!

Shana: Wow! That might be my favorite cover of the series.

What a Match by Leni Kauffman. An illustrated cover. A couple sits on a bench. The woman has dark black skin and short hair. She has on dark brown knee high boots, a beige sweater dress, tan peacoat, and a leather crossbody bag. A man with tanned skin, short curly hair and a beard sits next to her with his arm around her. He has on dark brown jeans, white sneakers, a black hoodie, and sherpa jacket. They're sitting on a bench in a park during the orange and yellow colors of fall.

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

Kiki: Gorgeous, no notes!

Shana: I love her hair! We don’t see enough short-haired heroines.

Amanda: Also love the warmth of the outfits with the leaves!

And if you, too, want more short haired heroines, we have a Rec League for that!

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