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Today we have an exciting cover reveal for you!

Fans of Juliet Kemp’s Marek Series will be thrilled to know the fourth book in the series is expected from Elsewhen Press in January 2023. Before we share with you the cover, lets find out more about this instalment:

The city of Marek rests on newly-independent laurels.  Their ties to Teren, the land-locked nation for which they served as sole trade link to the world, are cut; Teren’s Lieutenant, Selene, has been expelled, and her seat rests empty in the Marekhill Council chambers.

  But Selene, fresh from her political defeat, threatened to return – next time,  not with honeyed words or veiled threats, but with armed soldiers and war sorcerers.  Last year, the sorcerers of Marek narrowly defeated a single Teren-summoned demon; how might they fare against a dozen or more?

  Twisting the already fraying cord of a city under siege, the common people of Marek grow increasingly fervent in their own demands for representation – for a say in how the city is run, and for whom it is run.

  Marcia, Fereno-Heir, agrees with the Lower City; they deserve a better say.  But much of the Council won’t hear of it – and, of course, there’s Selene’s threat of an army of sorcerers at the city’s magical border.  Sorcerers that half the Marekhill Council wouldn’t even accept as real.

  She must work with the sorcerer Reb, her lover, to force the Council to recognise the truth of magic, whilst her sorcerer brother, Cato rushes to build some sort of defence.

  Because if Teren’s demons can pass the Cityangel’s wards, it’ll be the end of them all.

Intrigued? Now for the main event!


We thought we’d share the full wrap-around cover with you to really highlight Tony Allcock’s gorgeous artwork!

Tony Allcock lives in Hertfordshire and has been both a Research Scientist and a Fine Artist for 40 years. He has exhibited watercolour and oil paintings in galleries and exhibitions in the UK, France and Italy. More recently he has also been painting digitally, Illustrating music CD covers and book covers. Under the internet name of 888toto he has been developing digital painting brushes and techniques that have been downloaded by many hundreds of artists around the world. Find out more HERE.

Let’s here from Juliet:

I’m thrilled that Tony Allcock was able to do the final cover, as all his covers for the series have been so great. This is no exception! It seemed right on this final cover to see Marek from a distance, as we (along with at least one character) finally leave it. 

THE CITY REVEALED is the final book (#4) in the Marek Series, following immediately on from book 3. A lot of tensions are coming to a head; and some long-buried (or at least long-ignored) issues are about to rise inescapably up. 

   The lower city have had enough of being ignored, but the Council aren’t about to let go of any of their power. Meanwhile, Marcia’s reaching the “actually I’m ready to be done” stage of pregnancy; and her mother Madeleine has gone missing somewhere in Teren. When Marcia’s – and Marek’s – enemy Selene returns from Teren with a collection of demons to make good on her previous threats, Marcia’s brother Cato is the only one with the skill or knowledge to find a solution. But magic alone won’t solve this; especially not when the growing divisions in the city are finally affecting the cityangel and through them, magic itself.

   Chaos threatens; but there are still people determined to find a way to keep the city safe. Between them – if they can bring themselves to work together – maybe they’ll manage it. 

I hope I’ve managed to wrap the story up in a satisfying way…but of course there’s always scope to come back again in a few years and see how all the changes negotiated in THE CITY REVEALED will pay off. So maybe that ship on the cover will be back again yet! 

Juliet Kemp lives by the river in London, with their partners, child, dog, and too many fountain pens. They have had stories published in several anthologies and online magazines. Their employment history variously includes working as a cycle instructor, sysadmin, life model, researcher, permaculture designer, and journalist. When not writing or parenting, Juliet goes climbing, knits, reads way too much, and drinks a lot of tea.

Twitter | Facebook | Website


Find out more about The City Revealed on the Elsewhen Press website HERE




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