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HaBO: Michael the Missing Husband

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This HaBO is from Halie, who wants to find this romance:

Can you help me find the title of a book I read about a woman who had her husband’s baby while he was missing?

I read this probably 15-17 years ago but it might have been older than that. I’d love if someone could help me out! I’ve been looking for this for years!

I don’t remember many scenes from the book, but the main idea is that there’s a woman who has a baby. Her husband has been missing since before she had the baby. You find out later, she wanted a divorce and I think she tells him that around the time he disappeared.

One of the only scenes I really remember, is that she was with her child, at her parents home. She miiight have a boyfriend. It also might’ve been during the holidays. There’s a knock on the door and someone goes to answer it. It’s her husband, who’s been missing for a year. Turns out, he had gotten in an accident, or was attacked or something, and he had amnesia the whole time and he only recently regained his memories, and came home.

He wants to fix their relationship, she still wants a divorce. It’s a romance novel, so obviously they get back together. There’s a scene I think where he climbs up to her window and into her room and they get intimate. There’s a scene I remember where he sucks on her nipple through her nightgown.

I’m pretty sure his name was Michael, or maybe the baby was named Michael? and I think her name started with an S. Maybe Sarah or something.

Please help! I’m desperate. I’ve searched through all the amnesia romance I can, but it’s not any of the ones I’ve found. I think it’s because he had amnesia off script/screen and not in the whole book.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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