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HaBO: Heroine Becomes a Healer and Inventor in Husband’s Absence

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This HaBO is from Beccy, who wants to find this historical romance. Content warnings for abuse described below:

I am posting this on behalf of a group I’m in and no one can remember the book title but everyone wants to read it haha.

Set in historical England/Scotland, heroine is shy but extremely intelligent and attracts the attention of the king, who marries her by proxy to his favoured knight as a reward before he goes off to war.

The heroine’s father is so angry to lose his money maker, he beats her badly and locks her in the carriage. She arrives at her new husband’s castle near death and suffers a permanent limp from it.

The heroine spends the next 4 or 5 years (I think it was that long) earning the love and loyalty of her people, becoming a healer, inventor, and a more confident leader. She resents her absent husband because he sends home expensive scientific books but little gold (unbeknownst to both of them, his “trusted” aide steals most of the gold) so she goes without a lot to ensure her people don’t go cold or hungry, reading the books and creating all sorts of gadgets to help get the most out of their crops and livestock, I think there was even a primitive greenhouse.

The husband finally returns, badly scarred with PTSD, meets her but obviously doesn’t know her and, at her poor state of dress from working, demands to know if his “lady wife” wears fine clothes while her people wear rags.

The remainder of book is them learning to live with and trust each other, which takes a while (I think there was a night terror scene where he nearly stabs her thinking her an enemy). It was also pretty steamy and the husband can’t get enough of his wife.

Can we HaBO?

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