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What are Your Favorite Images and Memes?

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I have never been great at always having The Perfect Image ready for a given conversation. Some people are SO GOOD at that, and I can only appreciate their visual hilarity.

I do have a few that I absolutely adore and keep as my favorites, though. And I thought it might be fun to share some our faves and ask about yours!

What memes and images do you keep on your phone for frequent or essential use?

Lara: This monkey is a common visitor in our work chat. Our response to bad briefs, indecisive marketers, unhelpful feedback – this monkey says it all!

Amanda: These are the only two I have favorited in my phone:

A cartoon disposable cup with a straw says to a carton meatball wearing a sweatband I am 30 or 40 years old and I do not need this.

The famous elmo-looking puppet with its arms up against a fiery background

Shana: I love a YAY moment so I definitely use this one with the most people…

Chandra Wilson in a medical coat puts her arms above her head with a big smile

But I’m also fond of these two:

Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon saying I am too old for this shit.

Janeway from Star Trek looks at some white dude yammering with the caption Mainsplaining

Maya: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy favorite topic!!!! I love randomly dropping this one to friends. Bonus I am also Maya:

Maya Rudolph looks ecited and shocked and then hers smile drops and she looks deadly

My favorite star crossed lovers!!

A doc scratches at the glass of a penguin enclosure tank while a penguin flaps its wings at the dog from in the water

And hello, the world right now:

A clip from my brother my brother and me where a dude opens a door to a room filled with stuff and says It's Trash

Tara: I should have saved it, but I used this one for everyone’s birthday all the time

Sarah: These are my three absolute favorites that I have used multiple times:

A sign that says WARNING if you don't schedule time for maintenance your equipment will schedule it for you


Lucy Lawless as Xena holding her arms up like a big sarcastic WELP shrug

Wallace and Gromit clip showing Wallace reading a magazine with the caption Bro Shut the fuck up I'm reading Cheese Monthly

That last one never not makes me snort.

But then, this is the queen of all my favorites:

Whole Man Disposal Services garbage truck with the words Yes the entire man underneath

Elyse: This one gets used a lot when a load gets AFU.

A dumpster on fire floating down a flooded roadway

Ryan Reynolds takes off a surgical mask and asks a very deadpan WHY.

Sneezy: I love pouncing!!!! And this gif is so affectionate and happy and violent.

Tigger tackles winnie the pooh

So’s this one:

Cartoon bears hugging the dickens out of each other

Whether I am roiling in foiled plans, villainy, or announcing imminent doom, this one serves me well in all those functions:

A cat with it arms raised against a sky full of lightning

Elyse: This one shows up a lot:

a sea turtle with its arms folded like it is saying NOPE.

Carrie: Sneezy says everyone has a spiritual hair color and this is mine:

Hades saying God fucking Dammit and exploding into fire

Tara: I’ve also been using this one for more than 15 years:

Woman pouring an entire bottle of tequila in a blender with a straw and the caption It's Only Tuesday

AJ: Ooooh I definitely have some for this!

an illustrated white man with brown hair reading a book titled How to Stop Stressing about tasks then the open book over his shoulder reads Complete the tasks inthe final frame he is crying


a pixelated blurred image of gif illustrations of business people with the caption girl help my executives are dysfunctioning


A sign in I believe hapanese that reads Please wait patiently for the failure of the system


And my personal favorite for when someone gets corporate buzzword happy at work and says “I’m going to challenge you on that:”


A screengrab of a form on line with a checkbox next to the words Do not challenge me on this device again.



Patrick Stewart apple picking with the caption This Meme, for the apple, ME for Patrick, and his apple basket captioned my meme collection


Now: Your turn!

A note about commenting with images: I haven’t allowed images before in the comments, and the spam filter might have a big ol’ tantrum about it, but I’ll be monitoring comments to set them free from the filter if needed. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, I’ll get to it, no worries.

Currently the settings allow for one image at a time because I didn’t want anyone to upload, like, twenty and crash the server. So if you want to post more than one, you are welcome to, but give the server a moment to upload your last comment. Too many in a row sets off alarms.


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