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Cover Snark: MVP

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Welcome back to Cover Snark! Let’s get into it.

Dark Blue Waves by Kimberly Sullivan. A woman in modern dress appears to be phasing into a Regency England estate.

Susan: Ma’am – ma’am, I need you to stop right there and put down the disembodied hand.

Wait, no, it’s a coffee, I retract that snark and go back to my original “Did you know you’ve got a tree in your hair”.

Amanda: I love that in the terms of fading in and out of time, the coffee cup is the last or rather first thing to materialize.

Sarah: Much like you should put the bunny back in the box, you should put the tiny historical people back in your coffee cup.

Beast Unburdened by Robin O' Connor. The outline of a giant rabbit man with a septum piercing is looking at a round, lit up building in a foggy, green landscape.

Susan: And in further eye test questions: does this look like a minotaur or a very angry rabbit?

Lara: Angry rabbit gets my vote!

Amanda: Has anyone seen Tank Girl? Getting hot kangaroo man vibes.

Susan: I’d forgotten about the kangaroos, but now you mention it!

Amanda: That movie feels like a fever dream.

Tara: I was thinking muscular topiary.

Amanda: A hot muscular topiary seems like a job for Chuck Tingle.

Sneezy: Angry rabbit needs a vet. His skin being so messed up that he looks like a radioactive iguana. Probably has something to do with why he’s angry.

Claudia: It’s a Jackalope to me!!

Sneezy: Doesn’t it also look like he has a teeny tiny little jewel box?

Sarah: It is so frustrating when one is a royal rabbit and one’s housekeeper puts one’s royal tiara too far away.

Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake. A shirtless, oiled man appears to be catching a woman as she's sliding down his body.

From Susie T.

Sarah: When I was younger, I wished my hair would do that long, smooth, wavy thing, but…did he just drop her? Is she climbing him? Is he a climbing wall? Does he have a sunken living room? I have a few questions is what I’m saying.

Shana: Does he have one tiny arm?

Amanda: Maybe he has one of those conversation pits.

Alien Pilot Needs a Nanny by Tasha Black. A shirtless and striped blue man has his military jacket unbuttoned. In his arms is a striped, blue little girl wearing a dress in the same military jacket material. She has a severe bob haircut.

From Jenna: Please please please include this title in your next cover snark!

Sarah: Have we discussed this one already? The abdominally gifted aliens against a skyline are starting to blend together.

AJ: I think we did but it was a different cover? He was a cat guy in the other one

Oh no wait! It was another book in the series, that one was an alien ARCHITECT that needed a nanny

Claudia: I get it, nannies are hard to find, and maybe harder yet if you are an alien.

Sarah: I would really like to believe that alien societies value care work more than we do and compensate amply with full benefits.

Maya: But not shirts

Claudia: Yeah, they DEFINITELY do not value shirts. Maybe they are so evolved they do not need to worry about any of the middling stuff we earthlings need to keep an eye on.

Amanda: Tasha Black’s covers never fail to disappoint and I feel like we should send her a fruit basket.

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