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10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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Another week, another batch of books for your TBR pile. Happy reading, folks.



Amina Akhtar, Kismet
(Thomas and Mercer)

“Akhtar brings to her second novel…a gimlet-eyed view of Sedona, Ariz.’s wellness pretensions and a wicked way with one-liners…the surprises Akhtar has in store upend assumptions about trauma, healing, and the motivations of those who helicopter into lands they claim to hold sacred.”
–Los Angeles Times


S. S. Van Dine, The Benson Murder Case
(American Mystery Classics)

“Mr. Van Dine’s amateur detective is the most gentlemanly, and probably the most scholarly snooper in literature.”
–Chicago Daily Tribune


Tyrell Johnson, The Lost Kings

“Johnson’s writing proves to be brilliant. . . . Johnson’s use of psychological terminology and his personal love of poetry are sprinkled throughout the story, and the realistic characters are emotional and imperfect, which will leave readers feeling empathy and surprise at the same time.”
–Library Journal


Tom Bradby, Yesterday’s Spy
(Atlantic Monthly)

“Crisp… [Bradby’s] story gathers momentum and becomes hard to put down.”
–Library Journal


Ava Glass, Alias Emma

“Nonstop . . . superbly choreographed . . . a great thriller, but this one also gives us a superb, multidimensional protagonist whom readers will be eager to follow anywhere.”


Hayley Scrivenor, Dirt Creek

“A novel of sharp-edged tempers, accidents waiting to happen and dark inheritances…politically savvy, cleverly plotted.”
–New York Times Book Review


Lawrence Osborne, On Java Road

“Shades of Graham Greene and Patricia Highsmith fall across [Osborne’s] colorful pages. Like both, he has a nomadic imagination strongly responsive to the lure of the foreign and enthralled by duplicity, mistrust, and betrayal. Like Greene, he favors down-at-heel figures who have a kind of shabby integrity. Like Highsmith, he is fascinated by glamorously amoral sociopaths. . . . His most compulsive [novel] yet.”
–Sunday Times (London)


Gabino Iglesias, The Devil Takes You Home

“If there is one title in this gathering that symbolizes everything that is right with the major publishers’ eagerness to embrace horror in 2022, it is The Devil Takes You Home . . . a barrio noir horror tour de force.”
–Library Journal


Joanna Cannon, A Tidy Ending

“Sublimely structured and darkly witty . . . the multilayered plot offers genuine surprises up to the final revelation. Cannon has raised her game with this one.”
–Publishers Weekly


Chuck Hogan, Gangland
(Grand Central)

“Colorful, engaging, and bloody; a richly satisfying crime story and character study.”
–Kirkus Reviews

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