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Wyrd & Wonder Throwback Thursday

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Welcome to another Throwback Thursday with Wyrd &Wonder!

It’s been five years of W&W and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by looking back over the last five years of photo challenges!

Each week, we’ll take a look at something different, and our favourite responses (not necessarily just our own).

wyrdwonder2018.jpg?resize=150%2C150&ssl= wyrd-and-wonder-2019.jpg?resize=150%2C15 wyrdandwonder-challenge-2020.png?resize= Photo-Challenge-Prompts-2021.jpg?resize= wyrd-and-wonder-2022.jpg?resize=150%2C15

That’s right, we’re back again with a post looking back over our favourite Wyrd & Wonder challenge prompts from the past.

This Thursday, we’re covering Map Monday. On a Thursday. But the prompts are always held on a Monday. Because it’s alliterative.

This isn’t bugging me at all.



I did a couple of pictures for both years, but here’s the one I liked best of each year:

Julia-map-2020.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1 Julia-map-2021.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1


I’m cheating a little here as I’ve never posted a map Monday before, but I’ve taken plenty of map pics on my Instagram account, so here’s what I would have posted!

Nils-map-Monday-.jpg?fit=264%2C300&ssl=1 Nils-map-Monday-1-1.jpg?fit=262%2C300&ss


Map Monday is always a favourite of mine, as I love poring over maps, particularly fantasy ones!

Beth-map-monday-2018-2.jpg?fit=300%2C297 beth-map-monday-2018.jpg?fit=300%2C300&s Beth-map-monday-2021-2.jpg?fit=300%2C288 Beth-Map-monday-2021.jpg?fit=300%2C300&s


Next Thursday will be our last Throwback Thursday,

and we’re having a free for all on our favourite prompts!



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