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Wyrd & Wonder Throwback Thursday

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Welcome to another Throwback Thursday with Wyrd &Wonder!

It’s been five years of W&W and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by looking back over the last five years of photo challenges!

Each week, we’ll take a look at something different, and our favourite responses (not necessarily just our own).

wyrdwonder2018.jpg?resize=150%2C150&ssl= wyrd-and-wonder-2019.jpg?resize=150%2C15 wyrdandwonder-challenge-2020.png?resize= Photo-Challenge-Prompts-2021.jpg?resize= wyrd-and-wonder-2022.jpg?resize=150%2C15

This week we’re looking at two prompts – the firm favourites Book Rainbows and Spine Poetry




I struggle to do physically do book rainbows but I love admiring others, and I love this one by Beth from Wyrd and Wonder 2021.


The lost war a time of dread
chains of the heretic soul keeper
baptism of fire


This is my bookspine poetry from 2020 – It was a dark year ok!! 



As I don’t want to do the very same picture every year, my book rainbows seem to be shrinking every year…

JuliaBookRainbow1.jpeg?fit=300%2C298&ssl juliarainbow2.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1



Ha! I have a similar issue to Julia with knowing which books to use. I was pretty pleased with my first rainbow back in 2018. 2019 was a bit of a bust and I don’t think I got as far as the rainbow prompt, and then for 2020 and 2021 I used my DWJ books for both! 2021’s composition (chosen by Nils above) at least resembled a rainbow in form a little better than the stack…

BethRainbow2018.jpg?fit=300%2C272&ssl=1 beth-2020-book-rainbow.jpg?fit=265%2C300

Nils is definitely the poet in the group, the only spine poetry I seem able to find is this one (I’m sure I did one for 2020, I just can’t seem to find it)


Sharp ends best served cold
red sister servant of rage
the truth uprooted

Instead, here are some that I’ve loved from Imyril:


Imyril 2021

We sold our souls:
Twelve kings of Sharakhai,
The bitter twins,
The wolf of Oren-Yaro;
The defiant heir, the bone shard daughter.
We are all completely fine.








Imyril 2020

The last light of the sun
across the nightingale floor;
the copper promise,
red seas under red skies.
The dark is rising, shadowsong.
(At) darkest hour, (across) this dreaming isle
Brilliance of the moon (against) the stone sky
Turning darkness into light





Next Thursday, we’ll be checking out our favourite #MapMonday posts,
and Beth will try not to upset that it’s happening on a Thursday



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