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The Dragonsilk Sea, by Olivia Frias

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Title: The Frozen War, Book 1 of The Dragonsilk Sea series

Genre: Adult Fantasy with Romance elements (about 115,000 word)

Comps: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson, Cold Magic by Kate Elliot


When raiders from the frozen South capture sea dragons with the power to teleport long distances, they go from being a local menace to a worldwide threat. After Astra’s village is pillaged by the raiders and her sister is kidnaped, she sets out with her fiancé, Taryl, to break into the enemy stronghold and save her sister. Before they can succeed, they are discovered, and Taryl is mortally wounded during their escape. In his final moments, Astra intertwines her hands with his to save his soul, in a ritual known as a soul bond. His thoughts and memories become a part of her.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Phoebus is a pariah because can’t share his soul through his hands. He sets out to find Loa, the legendary home of dragons where sea dragons enter silk cocoons to become spirit beings with the power to cure any ill. There he makes a deal with a mother dragon. She’ll give him what he wants if he saves her young from the raiders.

Phoebus seeks out Astra, now the chief of her village, based on stories that she faced the raiders and lived. Despite finding him initially intolerable, she agrees to act his guide and help him infiltrate the raiders’ stronghold since Phoebus has a magical item she needs to exact her vengeance. During the journey, they are drawn to each other, but can Astra be with Phoebus without betraying the man who is still part of her soul? And will Phoebus be willing to expose his secret condition? Most importantly, will they succeed in freeing the dragons or will the raiders conquer the Dragonsilk Sea?


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