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From Concept to Query - Introduction

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Going into 2021, the forces of good at Algonkian Writer Conferences labored intensely to create a single master source for novel development, research, writing, and marketing known as Algonkian Author Connect. As we’ve indicated in previous mails, the guidance and material available there should be utilized in conjunction with the Algonkian Novel Writing Program (which you now have access to).  Overall, AAC presents itself as an effective concept-to-query solution supported by our best tie-breaking advice and crucial nuanced guidance including essays and articles from Novel Writing on Edge.
As an NY Pitch writer, the entire program is available to you. We highly recommend it for all major and minor edits involving your current novel, and as a launch platform for planning and executing a new novel—not to mention as a viable means for marketing your breakout (in tandem with conference networking and ms requests) to professionals in both the publishing and TV/Film business going forward into 2022 and beyond.
So what’s the end game? We figure if we can create the best environment possible for assisting you, we’ve not only done a good thing, but also made it possible for you to perhaps give us a bit of credit down the road.
It’s not as if we lack an ample selection of grateful alumni, but the process must continue.

AC Admin

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