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Social Strategy: 100 Content Ideas for Every Stage of Your Writing Career

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This month I had a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for individuals who wanted to read my work and provided ideas that I am most grateful for as a writer. I am thankful for the extra sets of eyes that went over my manuscripts. Their feedback made all the difference.  I appreciated all the positive comments from others. I even appreciate the criticism. The criticism allowed me to see a tale or poetry in an altogether different light than I would have without it. My readers have helped me view the world in a way that allows me to see beauty in everything, even the most mundane events of life. I am grateful for that ability. I am mostly thankful because I'm writing—that I'm still inspired and motivated despite all the difficulties of everyday adult life.  

I posted all of these simple gratitudes, plus one big hulking meal, on social media to share with family and friends. It was my personal strategy to reach out to others, share, and offer them a virtual seat at my table. I did so to engage with them since I couldn’t do it in person. It is not much different from utilizing social media strategies to encourage our readership and engagement with an audience.  

I hope you enjoy the article, Social Strategy: 100 Content Ideas for Every Stage of Your Writing Career, by Sarah Penner. 



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