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THE NEW GUARDIANS: DEADLY GENESIS, Young Adult Modern Fantasy - Luis Manuel Santiago III

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Author’s Name: Luis Manuel Santiago III

Title: The New Guardians: Deadly Genesis

Genre: Young Adult Modern Fantasy

Book Comparables: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn and Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

TV Comparable: The Umbrella Academy, Grimm


Hook Line:

When the New Guardians are targeted for death at the moment their powers awaken by the Shadowlings, they must be gathered before they are eliminated, and they must learn to master their powers before assuming their destinies. 


Kyle Matheson, a Prince of New Pangea, hates his life. While his older brothers travelled the world, he was never allowed to leave Castle Matheson, and he doesn’t know why. Kyle sees glimpses of the outside world via the media, through listening to his brothers’ adventures, and by hearing bedtime stories of the Guardians, which were his favorites growing up. On his fifteenth birthday, he learns the stories are true and he’s one of the chosen New Guardians.

Guardians, long-lived beings, possess extraordinary abilities that manifest themselves at age fifteen. When gathered, this generation of New Guardians will train at New Pangea’s Academy for Exceptional Youths, located in the oldest and most advanced civilization on Earth, a land filled with prehistoric creatures. Their duty is to safeguard creation from the Stygian King and his immortal Shadowlings.

Ethan Hardy, a traitorous ex-Guardian, aligned himself with a powerful Shadowling sorceress who poses as a human named Lauryn Green. Ethan has the means to locate New Guardians when their powers awaken. The New Guardians must be gathered before Ethan, Lauryn, and the Shadowlings can eliminate them, and the survivors must learn to master their powers before assuming their destinies.  

Prose Sample:

            A native of Hong Kong, Mei Ling was her birthname, but her foes know her better as the Guardian codenamed Psi-Star. As the current Mental Guardian, she wields the most powerful mind on Earth.

            Prior to arriving in New Pangea, Psi-Star and her fellow Guardian, Alchemist, were closing in on a Shadowling they’d been hunting for years when they received word that Queen Helen was about to give birth. Alchemist stayed behind in Greece to continue their mission while Psi-Star left for New Pangea in case their suspicions about the new prince were right. Before she left, she forged a psychic rapport with Alchemist to stay in contact. This permitted him to contact her instantly from anywhere on Earth through thought alone. She’d come outside to the courtyard at Castle Matheson to enjoy the beautiful night when she received his psychic call. The two Guardians were currently embroiled in an argument though separated by thousands of miles.

            “This was not our agreement, Alchemist,” Psi-Star argued, pacing around the courtyard irritably. “Invidia is far too dangerous to risk fighting alone.”

            “You are needed in New Pangea, Psi-Star,” Alchemist explained. “You cannot be here now.”

             “Within minutes of the new prince’s birth, I sensed the emergence of five Potential Guardians into the world. As a Guardian, you sensed their births, too. Queen Helen’s son is indeed one of them as suspected. Wait until I’ve concluded my business here so that I may join you. Then, we can face Invidia together,” Psi-Star petitioned.

            Whenever a Potential Guardian is born, all living Guardians can sense their birth. To confirm whether or not Helen’s child was a Potential Guardian, Psi-Star thought it best if she were present for the childbirth to sense if the boy’s emergence into the world timed perfectly with this feeling and if it happened within the time frame the other four births must come to pass. She had no idea who the other Potential Guardians were, but she and Alchemist felt each birth happen within minutes of each other.

            “There’s no guarantee that she’d still be here by the time you’d arrive,” Alchemist countered. “This one’s slippery. You know that. She must be confronted now.”

            Alchemist presented a strong argument. Invidia was the last of the Stygian King’s generals who remained free. If she were sealed into the Void, it might be enough to end his ambitions. This opportunity may also be their last chance to defeat Invidia before they lost their powers and the next generation of Guardians take up the mantle.

            “Where’s she headquartered?” Psi-Star asked.

            It was well within her power to probe her teammate’s memories to learn the answer for herself, but Psi-Star preferred leaving others the privacy of their thoughts whenever possible. It was proper telepathic etiquette.

            “She’s at her old stronghold in the Amazon from ancient times,” Alchemist replied. “It’s been reconstructed. I’m inside now.”

            “Don’t, Alchemist. You’re thousands of miles away. I cannot engage Invidia in psychic combat from this distance and win.”



As a new author, finalizing my first novel in an ongoing series in Young Adult Modern Fantasy; currently, I also have completed the first draft in the second novel of the series. Whereas I have been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy books since childhood, I am eager to share my own creations.
I hold a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance with 30+ graduate hours.  I also have a certificate in Sustainability. My professional work experience includes working as a music director, serving as a class piano instructor, and teaching private piano lessons. My hobbies include: reading, writing, traveling, and playing classical piano. My goal is to become a world-wide bestselling author. 


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