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The Rec League: Heroine Wins in Rivalry Romances

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http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/recleague.pngThis Rec League comes from the comments in our latest Hide Your Wallet. Thanks to Merle for inspiring this one:

I’m very wary of “man & woman compete for something and also fall in love” plots, because all the ones I’ve read end up with the man getting the prize and the woman getting the man. Because apparently only a man needs a job, a promotion, etcetera– a woman needs nothing but Mr. Right. If any of y’all read those listed here, please say if they end this way.

Amanda: We’re going to put everything in a spoiler tag since I’m sure the inclusion of books counts as a spoiler for their endings.

Show Spoiler

Amanda: Sadly, the only ones I’ve read end with a sort of compromise.

Sarah: Battle Royal by Lucy Parker ends that way, sort of.

The Spangler with the snowboarder and skiier aren’t competing directly if I recall.

Shana: If I Never Met You sort of has that ending…in that the man loses, and the woman wins the thing he wanted, but didn’t think that she was good enough for. But she doesn’t get everything she actually wants so it’s not perfect.

Lara: This is a (depressingly) tough one. I can only think of compromise situations and it’s making me want to burn down the patriarchy more than usual.

Maya: I have one!! Desperate Measures by Katee Robert. It’s the first book in the Wicked Villains series which uses characters that seem kinda familiar if you are into Disney movies.

The book starts out with Jafar murdering Jasmine’s dad because he sold her into marriage with some riffraff (not so much a street rat) called Ali and then Jafar and Ali fighting over Jasmine like she’s some prize to be won (also because they think marrying Jasmine will cement their control over Jasmine’s dad’s crime syndicate. Apparently the mob (and her dad) wasn’t into Jasmine being their #girlboss). It ends with Jasmine stabbing Ali in the throat and then letting Jafar know that actually she was going to be the one running her father’s criminal enterprise. Jafar chooses love and being Jasmine’s #2 instead of being exiled or stabbed a bunch.

Amanda: Welp gonna bump that one up my TBR.

Which romances would you recommend? Keep in mind that reading the comments could give way to spoilers!

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