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Links: Fundraising, Washi Tape, & More

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http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Depositphotos_52671211_original-300x200.jpgHappy Wednesday! September is almost on its way out. Can you believe it?

I’m so ready for October. I love spooky season, maple and pumpkin themed treats, cooler temps, and breaking out all the fluffy blankets.

I’m also getting tattoo #3 and attending a friend’s Halloween wedding. Pretty pumped!

How about you? Are you ready for October?

This is from the L.A. Times so it may be behind a paywall, but I was able to read it before I hit my article limit. It’s about an obituary a brother wrote for his sister and yes, I did cry. You can see a tweet here for the gist of it.

Lil Nas X, the precious angel that he is, has created a “baby registry” for his latest album. The registry is a list of organizations inspired by each track on his album that you can donate to. The kids are all right.

Look at these gorgeous special editions! I’m unsure where they can be purchased as I don’t think it said in the post.

Every year, I think I’m going to be one of those people who gets into planners and journals. Inevitably, I buy cute washi tape and then realize my handwriting is terrible and my planner just looks awful and I forget where it is half the time. If you have a surplus of washi tape, like myself, this Twitter thread has some great ideas on how else you can use your stash!


Yesterday was September 21st, which is one of my favorite days because it’s become a running joke for writer Demi Adejuyigbe to create a video celebrating the date from the Earth, Wind & Fire song. It’s brought me so much joy.

Normally, he asks people to give to a cause at the end of each video. This is his sixth and final year and he’s gone big! I had a little cry knowing it’s over, but I’m overjoyed that he’s raised over $600k (as of writing this last night) for some great organizations. I chipped in $20 myself.

Don’t forget to share what cool or interesting things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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