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THE DARCY DIARIES: MY DEPLORABLE LOVE LIFE, women's fiction with romance and humor - Michelle Henrie

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Author: Michelle Henrie

Title: The Darcy Diaries: My Deplorable Love Life

Genre: Women's fiction with romance and humor

Comps: Austenland meets Would Like to Meet and The Austen Escape in THE DARCY DIARIES: MY DEPLORABLE LOVE LIFE, complete at 94,000-words.

Hook Line: A hopeless romantic searches for a Regency hero in 21st century Connecticut.


Caroline Beckworth’s boring lawyer fiancé jilts her. She makes one rule: NO MORE LAWYERS. She meets William D. Fitzgerald IV, her wealthy late aunt’s young brooding lawyer. Caroline inherits the aunt’s fortune, but there’s a catch—to keep it, Caroline must be engaged within three months of the funeral, providing proof to the law firm.

As a wealthy heiress, Caroline expects the right man to appear like a storybook romance but instead gets gold-diggers. Creating a historical romance is the perfect solution. Caroline goes on a spending spree, filling her life with Regency frocks and footwear, then peacocks and pigs. While remodeling her aunt’s Victorian mansion, Caroline unearths her aunt’s diary to Mr. Darcy about her aunt’s failed love story, and it impels her to continue the hunt. Caroline has built her Regency life but isn’t engaged, and her aunt’s deadline looms. Desperate, Caroline hires a British fake fiancé to fulfill her aunt’s terms. William and her fake fiancé spin her around at her engagement ball. But Caroline has fallen in love with the wrong man and stands to lose the estate and her heart.

Prose Sample:

Before PLAN A—The Days of Brandon Brown


Dear Mr. Darcy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sept 13th

What do palm trees mean to you? To me, they say honeymoon!

I found vacation brochures, and Brandon asked to meet at the lighthouse at 8 pm. After a seven-year engagement, it’s about time to set a wedding date. I’ll finally become Mrs. Brown, and his mother will FINALLY accept me. I’m ready for my DLL: Delightful Love Life.

I deserve to celebrate and am going to lunch to tell my best friend. 


I rummaged inside my purse, the black hole of chaos, finding three lipstick shades. Whisper, Barely Blush, and Secret Pink. I wore Whisper when visiting Father, Barely Blush with my fiancé, and Secret Pink, the boldest of the light shades, around Jessica. I whipped out the last and smeared it across my lips, then reorganized my handbag.

Jessica strutted into The Blue Willow in her tight skirt, carrying her mock-Birkin bag, and snapped her fingers at the server to get his attention. I reminded myself of her good qualities. She saved me from dire embarrassment in seventh grade, and she was terribly funny. But more and more often, she was appalling.

“You made it.” I forced a smile while straightening my beige cardigan.

“Caroline, your hair is frizzy.” She slid into the gilded chair and unfolded the napkin. “Do you remember the time you stole my high school boyfriend?” She tossed her golden hair.

“Oh, Jessica.” I fussed with my chipped teacup. Her perceived wounds weren't on my list to talk about. My sister, Lucy, had told me countless times to snub Jessica, and Brandon became agitated in her presence. But I stuck with her because she’d lost her other friends.

Jessica’s expression soured. Did she sense my upcoming wedding bells? The point of having a fiancé was turning him into a husband. Once Brandon and I married, maybe then, he’d let me hug him when we met at our favorite restaurants. But I’d have to remember to adhere to his rules concerning public displays of affection and not give him a kiss. I sipped my cooling Earl Grey.

Jessica leaned across the table. “Do. You. Remember. Stealing—”

There was no putting her off. “Again, Jessica?” I clinked the teacup into its saucer. The chip blossomed into a crack, splitting the cup in half, spilling tea across the tablecloth. “It was ninth grade, for pity’s sake. I apologized an hour after he kissed me and tried to undo my bra.” I mopped at the mess with my napkin. “I tell you I’m sorry every time things don’t go your way. Like at Senior Prom and dating Brandon in college.” She’d suggested I snag him—her newest version alleged I’d stolen him when she’d already laid her claim.

“You’ve got to put this behind you.”

She folded her arms and raised a sculptured eyebrow in her don’t-you-dare-attitude.

“Please, forgive me.” I stopped fussing with the spilled tea. “I have something to tell you.”


I blog for business and cooking sites, and I write website and marketing content. The L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest and League of Utah Writers have given me awards for my writing. Currently, I’m preparing to teach a workshop on character development for Davis Writing Mini Conference. I’ve served as a judge for Utah’s Romance Writers of America, and I’m a member of SCBWI and WFWA. I taught art to children for twenty years and love to draw and paint in my illustration work with samples on michelle-henrie.com. My childhood summers were spent in Connecticut, and I’m an Austen enthusiast.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work.

Michelle Henrie


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