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Winterlight-Kristen-Britain.jpg?resize=1Now, if you are like me, and have been reading the Green Rider series at least since the publication of First Rider’s Call, then you are going to be happy. Ms. Britain does take many years to write her novels, causing fans to cry in the interim and read fan-fiction, but boy howdy, this book was worth the wait. Mirror Sight (book 5) threw me for a loop, so I was happy to get back to “normal” in Firebrand (book 6). But my happiness about book 6 was far surpassed by Winterlight, the upcoming book 7. It was as if Ms. Britain heard all of our cries, and was just patiently waiting to release this book. 

We meet up with Karigan on the road, returning from meeting with the Ph’edrose. Unfortunately, on her way back to Saccor City, she is ambushed and kidnapped by a mysterious group who turn out to be in league with the Second Empire. But Karigan was not the only person who was kidnapped, and together, the captives find a way to escape and warn King and Captain. Warning also involves a great scene between the King and Karigan, as well as the King’s Aunt. From there, the plot centers around Sacoridia fighting the Second Empire and their raider allies and Karigan fighting mental battles with her dead torturer. There are several battles in numerous locations, involving old allies, as well as new.

I think one of the reasons this book made me so giddy was that more of our favorite characters are re-united. The trials of the previous books have had Karigan mostly on her own, only contacting other parties as she finds them. In Winterlight, she is around other riders much more. We also finally see progress in the relationship between the King and Karigan, though not in a way I was expecting outside of fan-fiction stories *squeals delightedly*.  

My one disappointment was that little happened with the Ph’edrose which were discovered at the end of Firebrand. We get Eletians in Winterlight, so maybe book 8 will have more about Sacoridia’s new allies, the Ph’edrose. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

5 stars. Go order it now. 


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