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Whatcha Reading? August 2021, Part One

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http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/bigstock-Ice-cream-Asian-woman-eating-c-279839005-e1554491915230.jpgHey hey! It’s time for the first Whatcha Reading of August!

Let’s get into it!

Claudia: I just finished At Summer’s End ( A | BN | K ) and taking a bit of time choosing my next one… Currently browsing a barbecue book I got from the library.

Catherine: I’m on a T. Kingfisher binge! Minor Mage ( A | BN | K ) which is set in the same universe as her Paladin romances. This is raising certain expectations which may or may not be met by the plot, but I’m enjoying the journey immensely.

Love in Color
A | BN | K | AB
Sneezy: I’m on yet another Beverly Jenkins binge. Her books are pets and snuggles for too sad and tired brains!!! Right now I’m on A Chance at Love. ( A | BN | K )

Elyse: I just finished Spoiler Alert and All the Feels by Olivia Dade ( A | BN | K ) and am awash in warm fuzzies

Carrie: I’m reading two very different books – the warm and feminist Love in Color by Boba Babalola and the 1940’s super cynical noir Nightmare Alley by William Lindsay Gresham. ( A | BN | K )

Maya: I just finished the newest honey badger book — Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston. It was exactly what I needed and a perfect pairing with The Suicide Squad. Harley has big honey badger energy!!

Breaking Badger
A | BN | K
Susan: …Oh my god that is the most perfect description of her I’ve ever seen.

I’m bouncing between two very tonally different books! One is Cherí, My Destiny, ( A | BN | K ) which is an m/m manga about the epic (and completely one-sided) rivalry between a patissiere and a sweet-maker, although I currently want someone to push the protagonist into a puddle. The other is The Girl From the Other Side by Nagabe, which is a slow, understated, weirdly beautiful horror manga about oppression and curses.

Sarah: Maya, I just started Breaking Badger, and it occurred to me that one of the reasons I can read this much violence (which otherwise would be a ‘nope’ for me) is that within the world, the characters, as shifters, can absorb a lot of damage so I know they’re going to be okay, AND they’re going to dish out just as much as they have to endure if not more. The ferocity is COMFORTING.

The Girl From the Other Side, Vol. 1
A | BN | K
Tara: I’m reading Chemistry Lessons by Jae, ( A | BN | K ) which is a friends-to-lovers story where two best friends are clearly in a relationship and are in denial about it. It’s very cute. In audio, I’m listening to Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez ( A | BN | K ) and it’s equal parts excellent and infuriating. I really appreciate how it’s helping me understand the forces that shaped the evangelical context I grew up so I know the why behind so much of what was said.

Shana: I’m halfway into Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. ( A | BN | K | AB )I would like to have the heroine’s brightly colored braids, please.

Kiki: I’m listening to The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan and really loving it. It’s unintentionally the second book with a relationship between a sex worker and a religious leader that I’ve read recently—the other being The Lord I Left by Scarlett Peckham (which made me cry more than once)

Catherine: I loved The Intimacy Experiment so much!

What books have kicked off your month? Let us know!

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