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Last night I was laying in bed watching a T.V. series where a person falls in love online. The person procures the services of a dynamic duo to search for the love interest, hoping it’s not a sham. Sometimes, it works out but, in my opinion, the chances that the meetups work out are far less than what the love seeker intended them to be. It’s a display of hope and rejection laid out for the world to see.

After another predictable outcome, I scrolled through my social my media feed. There, in one serendipitous moment, was a picture of a person who wanted to date me in an embrace with one of my friends. I also know that the intention of the post was to stir up some drama, like the show I had just watched. Sorry to disappoint them, but I am happy they got together and I don’t care about the details, although I am sure they would share. They know I’ve been happily married for two years and it was an unrequited love from the beginning. Sometimes, folx don’t want to move on.

I opened up my computer and picked away at my WIP and I thought about all the rejection from literary agents and publishers we writers receive. They are also a display of hope and rejection, but a more private one. What do you all do to help you through? I found this article by Sue Bradford Edwards, 5 Things to Help You Cope With Rejection. Enjoy!


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