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Antagonists..the novel's most important character!

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 I come to you from my porch of inspiration once again. As I sit here, I am thinking about how August makes way for the fall and soon my porch sitting will be over. I will have to suspend my neighbor’s fence updates. I will find another seat of inspiration to write from. Besides, how long can I go on about a fence? Just because Home Improvement used a fence successfully doesn’t mean I can. 


Speaking of, my neighbor has put Jacktop fencing around the bottom of his porch. He is trying to block the fox, who eats his meals there quite regularly, from taking up permanent residence. I had to chuckle because it’s quite comical. There is a direct correlation between my neighbor and the fox. The more the fox intrudes on my neighbor’s world, the more drastic the fencing gets. What’s even funnier is that my neighbor wanted privacy and instead he got the opposite. He got the unintended consequence of a fox capitalizing on the new found sanctuary out of everyone else’s sight and a bunch of neighbors watching everything unfold. So guess what he did? He packed up his family and went away for the rest of the summer. He left his not so private fenced in home and left the fox and fencing to contractors in his absence. Who knew one little fox can wield such power as to drive a man and his family from his home? Now THAT is an antagonist!


I hope you enjoy this article about the importance of antagonists by Michael Neff.




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