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Women in SFF Week 3 Wrap Up

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Another week down, and we’re three weeks in to this year’s Women In SFF, so let’s see what’s been happening in the feature this week!

Firstly, Robin Hobb (Megan Lindholm) received the Lifetime Achievement World Fantasy Award – and we’d like to offer her a HUGE congratulations from all of us here at the Hive.

We’ve been completely floored by the incredible response from the community; we can’t tell you how much we love seeing all your responses to our photo challenge prompts, or how properly excited we get to see blog posts inspired by them!

Each week, we’ll try and round up all this wonderful content into one summary-wrap-up post – if we’ve missed you, please comment and link below! We’d love to see the ways you’re taking part.

So, what have you all been up to…?


We’re going to kick the wrap-up off with reviews, as that’s what we’re all here for really, right? Finding those books to add to our TBR!

J L Brown @ the Hive: The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik

Jonathan @ the Hive: The Blood of Angels by Johanna Sinisalo

Asha @ the Hive: The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett

Neelam @thesundokuchronicles: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Suzanne @spellbound_by_books: Blade of Secrets by Tricia Levenseller

Mili @Bookish_mili: The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher


Posts, Articles and Threads

There were plenty of ways we all celebrated Women in SFF this week –

We were thrilled to welcome Joanne M. Harris to the Hive to discuss her latest novel Honeycomb.

Genevieve Cogman returned for an interview and told us about her exciting new project Scarlet.

We welcome illustrator and map designer Sophie E. Tallis to the Hive, did you recognise any of her fantasy maps?

Susan Dennard stopped by for a quick Q&A about her best-selling Witchlands series.

JA Andrews joined us with an article about the amazing women in self-publishing and an Egyptian Goddess she absolutely didn’t make up (she might have).

Natasha C. Calder and Emma Szewczak took part in our Author Spotlight feature to discuss their debut novel The Offset.

This week we brought back our 5-Star Books in Five Words feature to recommend novels by BAME female authors.

We were joined by Francis Deer and Mika Hunter in our Author Spotlight to discuss their debut novel Stars and Ravens.

Anita @thedragonsden_ featured a stack of books by women of colour writers.

Gareth L. Powell shared a recommendation post for female sci-fi author Anne Leckie. 

Neera @neera_exlibris asked if there was an author who you’ve liked everything they’ve written.

We asked E. J. Beaton to summarise her novel The Councillor using Aussie slang – you need to check that out. Sam Hawke joined in with a summary of her Poison War novels.

Julia, who moonlights over on Fantasy Faction, shared a Big List of Amazing Female SFF authors.



On Wednesday, we released this week’s discussion questions for our #WomenInSFFReadalong of The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty.

Nils has also created a Discord channel where we can chat about the book!

As responses come in, I’ll update this page:

Week 1

Nils & Beth @ the Hive

Ariana @ The Book Nook


Week 2

Nils & Beth @ the Hive

Ariana @ The Book Nook


Week 3

Nils & Beth @ the Hive


Photo Challenge

We have absolutely loved seeing all your responses again this week:

Day 17: Feminist Retellings

Beth-Day-17-Feminist.jpeg?fit=300%2C300& Day-17-At_home_with_a_book.png?fit=222%2 Day-17-Empressreads.png?fit=270%2C300&ss Day-17-Heather.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl=1 Day-17-Hedwig.png?fit=220%2C300&ssl=1 Day-17-Jen.png?fit=273%2C300&ssl=1 Day-17-Jonathan.png?fit=300%2C257&ssl=1 Day-17-Lena.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-17-Mystormingbooks.png?fit=222%2C300 Day-17-thetsundokuchronicles.png?fit=298 Day-17-Timandra-late.png?fit=272%2C300&s Julia-17-not-really-feminist-just-retell Nils-Day-17.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1

Day 18: #SuperlativeSunday – Most Magical (Magic Users)

Beth-Day-18-Magical.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&s Day-18-Adeel.png?fit=300%2C257&ssl=1 Day-18-At_Home_With_A_Book-slightly-late Day-18-Bookish_Black_Hole.png?fit=271%2C Day-18-Bookish_Mai.png?fit=220%2C300&ssl Day-18-Bookish_mili.png?fit=300%2C254&ss Day-18-Damaged_pages.png?fit=272%2C300&s Day-18-Heather.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-18-Hedwig-slightly-late.png?fit=221% Day-18-Jen.png?fit=270%2C300&ssl=1 Day-18-Jonathan-slightly-late.png?fit=22 Day-18-Lena.png?fit=273%2C300&ssl=1 Day-18-Neera.png?fit=300%2C219&ssl=1 Day-18-wandering.in_.imaginary.lands-sli Julia-18-mostly-everyone_.jpg?fit=300%2C Nils-Day-18.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1

Day 19: Queen of Fantasy (Favourite Author)

Beth-Day-19-Favourite-Fantasy-Author.jpe Day-19-Adeel.png?fit=220%2C300&ssl=1 Day-19-at_home_with_a_book-late.png?fit= Day-19-Bookish_mai.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl Day-19-bookish_mili.png?fit=300%2C257&ss Day-19-Eroine-late.png?fit=221%2C300&ssl Day-19-Heather.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl=1 Day-19-Hedwig.png?fit=300%2C259&ssl=1 Day-19-Intotheheartwyld.png?fit=272%2C30 Day-19-Jonathan.png?fit=300%2C260&ssl=1 Day-19-Lena-late.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-19-mycasadelibros.png?fit=248%2C300& Day-19-Mystormingbooks-late.png?fit=300% Day-19-Neera.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl=1 Day-19-Vi.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl=1 Julia-19-scaled.jpg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1 Nils-Day-19.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1

Day 20: The Holy One (Nuns/Priestesses)

Beth-Day-20-Holy-scaled.jpeg?fit=277%2C3 Day-20-booksandfrogs-bit-late.png?fit=27 Day-20-Hedwig.png?fit=220%2C300&ssl=1 Day-20-jen.png?fit=269%2C300&ssl=1 Day-20-Lena.png?fit=270%2C300&ssl=1 Day-20-Neera.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-20-Timandra.png?fit=264%2C300&ssl=1 Day-20-Wandering.in_.imaginary.lands-bit Julia-20-Auraya-scaled.jpg?fit=300%2C300 Nils-Day-20.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1

Day 21: Femme Fatales – Fatalistic Villains

Beth-Day-21-Femme-Fatale-scaled.jpeg?fit Day-21-Adeel-bit-late.png?fit=271%2C300& Day-21-authorjhwhite.png?fit=269%2C300&s Day-21-bookish_black_hole.png?fit=270%2C Day-21-Bookish_mili.png?fit=300%2C259&ss Day-21-Jen-bit-late.png?fit=273%2C300&ss Julia-21-not-saying-who-spoilers-scaled. Nils-Day-22.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1

Day 22: Mothers Who Make It

Beth-Day-22-Mothers.jpeg?fit=298%2C300&s Day-22-bibliotheca_draconum.png?fit=271% Day-22-Hedwig.png?fit=222%2C300&ssl=1 Day-22-Jen.png?fit=274%2C300&ssl=1 Day-22-Jonathan.png?fit=219%2C300&ssl=1 Day-22-Mystormingbooks.png?fit=300%2C259 Julia-22-scaled.jpg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1 Nils-Day-22.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1


Day 23: Shieldmaiden (Fave Fantasy Character)

Beth-Day-23-Favourite.jpeg?fit=300%2C300 Day-23-Adeel.png?fit=300%2C259&ssl=1 Day-23-bookish_black_hole.png?fit=273%2C Day-23-heather.png?fit=271%2C300&ssl=1 Day-23-Jemofabook.png?fit=274%2C300&ssl= Day-23-Jen.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-23-Jonathan.png?fit=222%2C300&ssl=1 Day-23-Lena.png?fit=272%2C300&ssl=1 Day-23-neera.png?fit=300%2C259&ssl=1 Julia-23-Sophronia-Angelina-Temminnick-s Nils-Day-23.png?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1


Day 24: Historic Retellings

Beth-Day-24-Historic-scaled.jpeg?fit=256 Julia-24.jpg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1 Nils-Day-24.jpeg?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1


Thank you for another fantastic week of Women in SFF!

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