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Cover Snark: Tanner and Megan Make It Weird

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Happy Cover Snark Monday!


From Kerri: I am having super uncomfortable Alien flashbacks looking at this cover.

Sarah: That’s how I feel after eating Brussels sprouts.

Tara: This is giving me paranormal Flashdance vibes.

Catherine: Yeah, my periods feel like that too.

Sarah: LOLOL Catherine.

Sneezy: Haaa Catherine, that was me for the past three days

Except my wolf wasn’t so obliging as hers. It felt more like it was ingrown.

And decided to chew on me


From Heather: WTF?!?

The VOTE placement is really funny but I’m also quite perplexed by the font choice for “Oddities” – it’s virtually illegible.

Kiki: Qddi4ties

Alternatively: 0ddiZie8

Sarah: Qdidilies?

Tara: D ddifies

Sarah: D DDITIES — is this a new euphemism for breasts?

Tara: Well, that’s what I’m going to call them now.

Claudia: Otities??

Amanda: Love the voting PSA

It’s a nice break from the mammogram/self breast exam reminders

Sneezy: Sir, if my itty bitty titties must be subjected to a bra in public, your biggie jiggly boobies need them too.

Catherine: But also, why the voting PSA? And why the placement? Is the cover artist suggesting the candidates are all dicks?

Tara: They’re not really wrong…

Catherine: That title looks like when you create a password by swapping out half the letters of a word or phrase for numbers or symbols…


Amanda: These two are that couple in high school or middle school that you have to awkwardly walk past to get to your locker

And in my head, I’ve named them Tanner and Megan

EllenM: In my high school we had these trash cans with really wide ledges around the outside of the actual hole where trash went and couples would always sit or lean on the trash ledges to make out


Sarah: So that’s where the “sexy trash can” halloween costumes came from?

Sneezy: Between falling into a sexy trash can and toppling over on a bike while making out, I propose the former is superior. One you’re just in pain, the other you could have potentially fallen into another world. A Sexy Trash Can world.


From Pam: You’ve probably seen this, but I couldn’t resist sharing this tropical treat in case you hadn’t.

Sarah: Are we going to have to debate pineapples in this location like we do pineapple on pizza? Not looking forward to that.

Carrie: “Son, you’ve got a condition.”

Amanda: Well personally pineapples on pizza isn’t a debate. They are tasty and belong there. Can’t say the same for that crotch pineapple.

Maya: Tiffany Haddish in Girls Trip is like I’ll see you that pineapple and raise you a grapefruit

Tiffany Haddish from the movie Girls Trip. She has a banana pushed through an orange. She's saying that you never want to do this with a pineapple because she almost died.

Tara: He’d better not try putting that back on the shelf.

Amanda: Oh he will and he’ll likely just put it somewhere in the bread aisle.

Sneezy: No one wants a spiky dick, John.


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