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Whatcha Reading? July 2021, Part One

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http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/bigstock-Beautiful-English-Style-Garden-247182262-e1556806933227.jpgIt’s July and I suppose the season of vacation reading for some of us. Or maybe just finding a nice air conditioned cafe to read in?

Claudia: I’m just done with People We Meet on Vacation, another long-awaited library drop, and taking time to choose the next book!

Tara: I just finished One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston ( A | BN | K ) and I am ruined. I don’t know how I’m going to read anything else this week, because it was just that good.

The Ex-Girlfriend of My Ex-Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend
A | BN | K
Lara: I’m reading Partners in Crime by Elise Sax… ( A | BN | K ) it’s a little tiresome in terms of it’s one-note humour, but I’m still reading it because I’m dying to know more about the heroine

Shana: I’m in the middle of The Switch by Beth O’Leary and discovering that the switching lives with your grandma plot is serious catnip for me. As usual, I’m racing to finish it before it poofs back to the library. Why am I such a procrastinating reader?

I’m also reading the queer dating guide The Ex-Girlfriend of my Ex-Girlfriend is my Girlfriend by Maddy Court, and it’s hilarious.

Love Scenes
A | BN | K
Elyse: I’m reading Love Scenes by Bridget Morrissey and while I like the hero and heroine, the heroine’s family is super toxic and intrusive

Catherine: Ooh, I’ve been wanting to read One Last Stop! I’m belatedly reading Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe, ( A | BN | K ) which is a non fiction book that presents evidence (largely from the letters and journals of European settlers) that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples practiced agriculture, built villages and sophisticated fisheries, and basically were not the itinerant hunter gatherers we were taught about at school. Definitely food for thought this NAIDOC week.

Also, while I was out for my walk yesterday and reading (as you do), I got chatting with another walker-reader who was reading The Monk, which Austen fans will recognise as that horrid novel that so impresses Catherine Moreland in Northanger Abbey. Apparently, it’s on a list of all time great books. How very shocking!

What are you reading? Let us know!

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