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Crime Warp - Matt Leyshon - Thriller with elements of historical, sci-fi and horror

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Hi Everyone,

I'm attaching another story of mine, Crime Warp. It's the first installment in a planned series of 5 stories (sequel written, 3 others fully outlined). The main premise of the series are my MCs use a technology called Projection (similar to time-travel, but with differences), to solve famous unsolved mysteries and cold cases. I've pasted a plot summary below and a short, but not sweet, chapter one. I appreciate all feedback.

When you want to solve history’s greatest cold cases, you don’t find the witnesses, you become the witnesses.

Seasoned and sarcastic investigative reporter Carl Axford is recruited by Limbo, a covert organization using a unique technology called Projection to solve cold cases. Seduced by a Trial Mission that sells the romantic side of this innovation, Axford is offered the opportunity to identify Jack the Ripper. This observe-and-report mission is too good to be true.

In 1888 Whitechapel, Axford’s presence is ghost-like, allowing him an up-close and personal view of the Ripper murders and anything else he chooses to witness. But London’s East End holds revelations that Axford hasn't bargained for—revelations that not only influence The Ripper legend and its present-day perception, but who lives and dies by The Ripper’s hand.

Limbo is pulling strings from the present day. With a clear attempt to interfere with history, (a policy they claim to never violate), none of their Agents are safe. With his life now in danger, Axford finds he is poorly armed in a battle where knowledge and truth are the ultimate weapons. Identifying Jack the Ripper is not the only challenge Axford faces as he realizes there’s much more at stake, here in Whitechapel, and back home in his native Chicago.

What began as the story of a lifetime is now a life-and-death game of chess spanning three centuries.





September 8, 1888

 All precious life drained from Annie when her throat was slashed. Dawn ascended on Whitechapel, doing its best to expose it. Light crept up on the city’s shadows, casting a spotlight on her savage murder.

Annie’s final expression was panic, a realization that death had preyed upon her, but not knowing why it had pounced. A fatalistic look of horror remained in her eyes until a coroner would later close them.

Having delivered the fatal cut, The Ripper laid her down in the Hanbury Street yard. It was time to get to work. He observed her blood on his hands, a deep almost purple, contrasting with the red stripes on her stockings. The stillness of the yard at sunrise offered a convenient silence.

The Ripper stared to his left, looking toward the furthest fence from the house. While his hat, shadows, and a scarf covered most of his face, there was no concealing his eyes. They projected pure evil and a lust for death.

Annie Chapman was more than just a victim. She had been laid out, presented for the world to see. A trophy for a fiend rising to the heights of his notoriety. If Polly did not provide a sufficient warning of his menace, Annie would certainly sound the alarm of terror throughout the East End. Whether Annie was headed to be with angels or not was uncertain. What was clear was that hell had played its hand in delivering her.

The Ripper turned from the fence, refocusing on his prey. He needed to hurry. Jack was certain he was being watched.



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Thank you so much Leslie.

The omniscient POV is definitely a creative choice. This story definitely contains a lot of fly on the wall perspectives and atmosphere, I want the reader to feel like they're being taken on a tour. A part of that is the inclusion of discovering what's in various characters' heads. For the majority of the story it's the MC's POV but there are some scenes/chapters where that may change.

Thank you again, I'm grateful for the feedback :)

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