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Happy Pride everyone!

To celebrate, we thought it would be great idea to bring you another 5-Star Books in 5 Words feature – this time focusing on books with either authors or characters of the LGBQTA+ Community.

Whether you want to celebrate Pride, or you want to diversify your reading, we highly recommend the following!




SongOfAchilles.jpg?resize=199%2C300&ssl= Peter-Darling-Austin-Chant.jpg?resize=18 Kushiels-Dart-Jacqueline-Carey.jpg?resiz
It Trans Fantasy-
ends Peter France
and Pan Masochist
you hot Spy/
grieve. Hook Courtesan

Yang-Black-Tides-of-Heaven.jpg?resize=18 Through-the-Tears-by-Leigh-M-Lorien.jpg?
Gender Parallel
re-modelled worlds;
silkpunk monsters
political and
drama magic


TheStoneKnifeAnnaStephensCover.jpg?resiz Witchmark-C-L-Polk.jpg?resize=196%2C300&
Diversity Murder,
all mystery,
around, magic,
bloody adventure,
brilliant gay!


Gideon-the-Ninth-Tamsyn-Muir.jpg?resize= Our-Bloody-Pearl-D-N-Bryn-1.jpg?resize=2
Gothic Bloody
heart-pounding action-
lesbian filled
sword adventure,
necromancer brilliant!


The-Unbroken-C-L-Clark.jpg?resize=195%2C The Bitter Twins (Winnowing Flame) by Jen Williams yearoftheknifecover.jpg?resize=199%2C300
Just Shy Snarkiest
yearning boy witchy
over meets detective
Touraine’s Cinnamon vampire
arms roll lover


Queens-Of-The-Wyrd-Final-1.jpg?resize=20 ShonaKinsellaTheFlameAndTheFlood.jpeg?re
Magical Non-binary
wives magic-users
supportively rescuing
kicking abused
ass workers




Godblind by Anna Stephens The-Iron-Crown-by-L-L-Macrae.jpg?resize=
Grimdark Wonderful
invasion magical-
resistance filled
relationships adventure
amazing dragons



Ammonite-by-Nicola-Griffith.jpg?resize=1 Sorrowland-Rivers-Solomon.jpg?resize=186 Swordspoint (Riverside) by Ellen Kushner
Love Masterful Flirting
adventure exploration swordsplay
on of and
lesbian race witty
planet gender repartee


Poppy-Z-Brite-Lost-Souls.jpg?resize=195% The-Seep-Chana-Porter.jpg?resize=188%2C3
Queer Transwoman
vampires survives
and utopian
goth alien
rock invasion



Soulkeeper by David Dalglish TheOnceAndFutureWitches-1.jpg?resize=194 EJBeatonTheCouncillor.jpeg?resize=199%2C
Disastrous Love Love
Tommy conquers and
gets prejudice lust
his with without
man fire boundaries

The-Bone-Shard-Daughter-Andrea-Stewart-P Priest-of-Gallows-Peter-McLean.jpg?resiz
Two Bloody
opposing Anne
women takes
in no
love shit









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