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Cover Awe: Patterns & Watercolor

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It’s Cover Awe time!


Cover art by Fatima Baig

Sarah: Wow.

Maya: Yes PLEASE

Tara: That’s stunning!

Sneezy: You know that manga thing where someone has an overblown reaction to an attractive person characterized by physical pain and/or geyser nose bleed? That’s how I feel about this cover

The artist is Fatima Baig!!!!

Catherine: I love how vivid the colours are! And the little coloured in ‘e’s are a nice touch.

Carrie: I love her take no prisoners attitude.

Shana: This cover makes me stop and stare, every time I scroll past it.


Cover design by Tiferet Design

AJ: Speaking of cover awe, I’m was working on my Slippery Creatures review and I’m so in love with the cover art

Tara: Oh that’s gorgeous.

Carrie: Love the Roaring 20s aesthetic!

Sarah: The entire series is distinctive and so elegant.


Cover illustrated by Bree Archer

Elyse: I love the watercolor and the way she’s hiding her face behind her hair.

It’s such a bright, playful cover.

Amanda: Yes! It’s so cheery and sweet.

Sarah: I love when the art and styling of a cover communicates so much at a glance.

Shana: The watercolor effect is gorgeous!


Cover art by Wicked Smart Designs

Carrie: DAMN GIRL.


Amanda: Oh, I like that. Also looks like Ana de Armas.

Catherine: The expression on her face!

Shana: I love her outfit, and I wish the font would get out of the way. Can’t you see I’m drooling over her here?

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