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This HaBO is from Shawna, who is looking for this time travel romance:

I’m trying to recall a time travel romance novel about a modern-day guy who goes to England for his cousin’s wedding (for some reason, I’m remembering a ridiculous nickname for the cousin like “Cubby”?), and I think he flies to London with a materialistic, status-obsessed girlfriend he doesn’t see a future with. They arrive in London in a hard rain, and while the cab takes them to his cousin’s estate, the protagonist thinks he sees a raven flying alongside the car, but convinces himself he was imagining it with the rain. At his cousin’s house, he falls into a fountain and gets sucked back to (I think) Regency England where he meets a woman named something like Melissandre who is in the process of running away from her loathsome fiancé, the heir to a marquis, I think. They end up walking to London to beg her aunt for assistance in getting out of her engagement, only to have her aunt tell them she’s been compromised and they have to marry. She’s disappointed that she has to marry a man without any $ or title, but they discover from his memories that the protagonist fell into that same fountain as a young child *in the past* and was found wandering the grounds in modern times clutching a chess piece, the modern-day family there took him in and adopted him, and he is actually the long-lost rightful heir returned to his original time period!

There are a couple other details I remember, like the protagonist eventually remembers he had a pet raven that went everywhere with him as a boy and the loathsome heir, his actual cousin, once burned him on the hand with a wax melter stamp of some kind, saying that all future marquises had to wear a brand. There may also have been a memory of the cousin trying to stab the protagonist with a fencing sword and he missed & ended up stabbing a painting in the hallway instead? And the missing boy and his tutor had a game where the tutor would hide the chess piece and the boy would find it; the boy was reaching for the chess piece on the fountain when he fell in and disappeared from his time. The old marquis is convinced by these surfacing memories that the protagonist is his long-lost son.

Seriously, how is it I can remember practically the entire plot of the book and can’t remember the title or author?!?

So much detail! Let’s help Shawna out!

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