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In Psychological Thrillers, It’s All About the ‘Wife’

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Ah, the thrilling wives. Sometimes they’re the first, sometimes next, and sometimes they’re last. Often, they know too much. They are charming, hunting, haunted and lovely. Sometimes, they’re found in the twilight, or upstairs. These are the wives of domestic suspense, and no matter who their spouses are, these captivating women are the stars of the show. If you’re looking for your next thrilling read, look no further than The Real Wives of Domestic Suspense. Consider these popular episodes:


My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing

Samantha Downing knocked it out of the park with this particular housewife. Millicent and her husband are living the suburban dream. She’s a real estate agent, he’s a tennis pro, and their two kids spend their days in gated-community bliss. But of course, there is more to this couple than perfect children and gourmet home-cooked meals. The husband, who remains nameless, slowly reveals the couple’s dirty little murderous secret, and you’ll be glad you went along for the dark, devious ride.


The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine

My two favorite sister authors, Lynne and Valerie, combine talents to create a complex and twisty tale of two women interested in the same man, Leo, a successful lawyer in the upscale paradise of Westport, Connecticut. The thing is, Joanna is Leo’s wife, and Piper, well, she’s blown into town and soon has stolen Leo and their children away. In this wifely tale, you’ll never guess the clever ending.


The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell

The next episode of The Real Wives of Domestic Suspense takes us to a wealthy seaside town in New Hampshire where we meet Tabitha, Connor and Nina. Nina is Connor’s incredibly wealthy wife who is convinced her husband is trying to kill her. Instead, she commits suicide on July 4th. Tabitha, a poor girl from the wrong side of town, has had a crush on Connor ever since a summer fling years ago. In fact, she’ll eagerly fall under his spell again. Is that a wise decision? Stay tuned until the very last page of this twisty tale.


The Last Wife by Karen Hamilton

Nina and Marie were best friends—and in domestic suspense that could mean trouble. In this case, it certainly does. Everyone’s loyalty has a breaking point. When Nina is diagnosed with a serious illness, she asks Marie to fulfill her final wishes. Marie is anxious to jump into Nina’s beautiful life, of course, but on her own terms. Be careful what you wish for, Marie. This clever tale is creepy, surprising, and scary, everything you want in a wifey story.


The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

This episode takes us to Birmingham, Alabama and the uppity gated community of Thornfield Estates where everyone is keeping up with the housewife next door. Except handsome and rich Eddie Rochester, one of the communities most mysterious residents. Poor Eddie. His wife drowned in a boating accident. When broke dog-walker Jane catches his eye, well sparks fly, and soon there is a new Mrs. Rochester. But will this love story have a happy ending? You’ll need to find out for yourself. The Wife Upstairs is a debut novel with a Gothic twist on forbidden romance, and we all love that.


The Hunting Wives by May Cobb

What could possibly go wrong in a small Texas town where guns are plentiful and once you’re included, parties are wild. When Sophie O’Neill meets socialite Margot Banks, she is swept into a mysterious world of late-night target practices and danger—including the murder of a teenage girl. This is a spookier, rowdier, and deadlier cast of characters than most of our wives, so prepare for an unpredictable, bold read.


The Charmed Wife by Olga Grushin

It’s a Cinderella story, folks, but that can’t last when it comes to a blend of magical realism and domestic suspense. The show opens thirteen years after Jane met her prince, Roland. Jane is tired of Roland’s philandering and cruel treatment. In this fanciful fable, the author tackles the myth of happily ever after and presents a Queen ready for her next act. Creepy, and darkly comedic.


The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

What happens when you create a science project, a clone of yourself, and she is having an affair with your husband? Yikes. Nothing good. This is an inventive, sci-fi story featuring Evelyn Caldwell, her clone Martine as they work to clean up the mess her cheating husband, now dead, has made. You won’t be able to turn away from this episode.


The Wife Between Us Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Writing duo Greer and Sarah crafted one of the original Suspense Housewives episodes, bringing us a smart cat-and-mouse story that was an instant New York Times bestseller in 2018. In this novel you’ll find a love triangle, an unreliable narrator, and several jaw-dropping twists. You will need to read between the lies, as they say.


The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner

Marine biologist Kyra Winthrop doesn’t remember the diving accident that left her with a complex form of memory loss, but that’s fine. She lives on one of the beautiful, darkly forested San Juan islands with a devoted husband, Jacob, and a few close friends. She thinks she has a perfect life. But, alas, as memories begin flashing through her mind, she must confront the truth which becomes a terrifying nightmare. AJ Banner writes twisty, dark and atmospheric books set in the misty Pacific Northwest. Wear a cozy sweater when reading about this enthralling wife.


The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

In this fast-paced episode, you’ll meet Thursday who shares her husband, Seth, with his other two wives, Monday and Tuesday—two women she’s never met and knows nothing about. You know sparks are going to fly when Thursday discovers Monday’s real name and begins a friendship of sorts with Tuesday to get to the truth of what this twisted marriage is all about. Turns out, Seth had a very good reason why the women shouldn’t meet. Oops, Thursday. This is a nail-biter.


The Wife by Alafair Burke

Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, East Hampton and Manhattan style. Angela and Jason Powell have it all. And now, Jason’s career has made him famous, a spotlight his wife worked carefully to avoid. When allegations begin to come forward against her husband, Angela must make the impossible choice: defend her husband or save herself. But is her husband really worth it? This is a sneaky, subtle story that will grip you from beginning to end.


The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda

In the latest installment of Real Housewives of Domestic Suspense, you’ll meet my lovely wives. Kate Nelson. First wife. Tish Nelson. Second wife. Because of John Nelson’s choices, these two women find each other working at the same company in addition to sharing John’s daughter Ashlyn. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, of course. Set in the perfectly coiffed suburb of Grandville, outside of Columbus, Ohio, The Next Wife proves wealthy Midwesterners can get into as much trouble as their coastal elite counterparts. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is no telling what a wife will do in the name of love, and revenge.


You can also check out Parts OneTwoThree, Four  and Five of the Great Disambiguation Project, parsing crime novels with ‘Girl’ in the title.)

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